The Spectator
– James Blunt slams the mansion tax (but can’t vote in the election).
Ukip attempts a professional manifesto launch in Thurrock.
If level-headed Oxford graduates are voting Green, what hope is there?


The Telegraph
Ed Miliband’s US adviser David Axelrod pays no tax in Britain.
David Cameron: SNP will be ‘chain to Labour’s wrecking ball’ if Ed Miliband wins.
The political class belittles Ukip at its peril.
Ukip target seats: The ten constituencies that could cost David Cameron a second term as Prime Minister.


The Party’s Over: Why Lib Dem Manifesto Launch Was Clegg’s Final Dad Dance.
Ayling: The BBC Are Desperate To Have A Crack At Me After ‘That’ Interview.
Why Nigel Farage Should Accept the Challenge to a Duel – On His Own Terms.


Labour victory risks wiping thousands off the value of your home, warn property experts.
Ukip supporters face death threats, violence and abuse on the campaign trail.
Former England footballer Sol Campbell turns white to encourage minorities to vote.
Cameron’s EU plans suffer blow as Britain told to wait TEN YEARS for treaty change.


Nick Clegg refuses to veto in-out EU referendum.
The Guardian view on the Lib Dem and Ukip manifestos: a world of difference.
Manifestos verdict: pragmatic hope meets pie-in-the-sky spin.


Daily Mail
Labour’s queen of hypocrisy: MP who sneered at white van man now attacks Tory right-to-buy plan – even though she bought a £1million housing association home which she rents out.
There’s hardly a word I disagree with in Ukip’s manifesto. And I know the other parties are lying to me. But…
Lib Dems face wipeout in the Westcountry: On the day Clegg launches manifesto, poll suggests he will lose EVERY seat in the South West to the Tories.


Infant class sizes bursting at seams as numbers trebled under Coalition.
David Cameron’s election bribes will cost EVERY family £1,493, warn Labour.
NHS crisis: Unison’s patient safety fears as tired nurses having to work extra hours.

MSN Poll – Which party is most likely to stick to their manifesto pledges?

Labour = 21 %
Conservative =  28 %
Liberal Democrats = 2 %
Ukip = 37 %
SNP = 8 %
Other =4 %



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