YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by two points, Ukip hit record level of support: CON 31%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 19%, GRN 5%

City A.M.

– Oil prices have hit a four-year low.

– US budget deficit falls to lowest level since 2007.

Daily Mail

– Police blast five people with Tasers EVERY day: Figures show use of controversial weapons has soared in the past year. ​

– What does it take to get locked up? Mother tracks down online paedophile but court allows him to walk free. Months later he preys on another young girl…yet he’s STILL not sent to jail. ​

– Foreign criminals finally stripped of right to launch ‘conveyor belt’ of appeals to avoid deportation: New laws will reduce number of grounds they can contest removal to four. ​

– Homeless Romanians who sleep rough in Park Lane subway have demanded: ‘We’re EU citizens too give us a house’. 

– Immigration to be red line issue in EU talks, says PM: Cameron insists he will set out ‘all those issues’ that will form basis of British demands over coming months.

The Express

– Ties could be cut with Brussels after majority of MPs now BACK EU referendum.

– Unemployment reaches eight-year low.

Financial Times

Labour plans to block buy-to-let investors.

– Ex-minister calls for mini-nuclear plants by the dozen.

– Eurosceptic meets with Ukip on EU arrest warrant.

The Guardian

– PM ordered Lord Freud to apologise for remarks on disabled people’s pay.

– Mistakes cost NHS up to £2.5bn a year, says health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

– Labour unveils plan to give local people a leg up on housing ladder.

– Parties target undecided female voters in Rochester byelection campaign.

The Independent

– Ban unpaid internships completely, says Social Mobility Commission.

– Lord Freud: Past gaffes on welfare, food banks and ‘bedroom tax’ revealed.

– Douglas Carswell’s 51-word opening punch as a Ukip MP has PM on the ropes.

The Sun

– Kinnock admits Labour seen as ‘incompetent’.

– Labour ‘wobbling’ on key minimum wage hike pledge.

– Warning Trojan Horse plots ‘nationwide’.

– Risk can backfire.

The Telegraph

– Ukip’s rise in five key moments.

– Conservatives flood Rochester – but deny Ukip ‘smear’ claims.

– ‘Parking’ suspects on indefinite bail is unjust.

– Labour’s spin tactics.

– Nigel Farage’s Tory ‘fifth columnists’ are helping no one but Ed Miliband.

– Rochester by-election: What you need to know about Mark Reckless.

The Times

– No 10 seeks emergency brake on immigration.

– SNP leader opens door to new vote on separation.

– Always trust wise voters, not the dumb elites.

– NHS chief calls for greater scrutiny of cancer drugs.


– STOCKPORT: Nick Clegg meeting with local growth committee and Q&A session with businesspeople.

– 0845 LONDON: ONS media briefing on latest quarterly crime statistics.

– 1000 EDINBURGH: MPs take evidence on the future of devolution.

– 1100 BIRMINGHAM: Jeremy Hunt speech claiming poor care costing the NHS up to £2.5bn a year.

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