YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Con 34% Lab 38%, Lib Dem 9% and UKIP 11%

The Sun
Rail Minister who says commuting is comfy travels BY CAR.
Ed’s Labour gains.
– MP: Cash peril if rates go up.
CCTV cuts ‘fund TV crime show’.
Shut off power.

The Independent
Ukip leader Nigel Farage calls for Britons joining the Islamic State abroad to be stripped of British citizenship.
Company links suggest Lord Ashcroft is funding the Tory party once more.
– Lord Ashcroft’s return to the Tory fold is a marriage of convenience.
Big Society charity winds up after claims it misused up to £2.5m in funding.
Conservatives are selecting fewer women in winnable seats than in 2010.

The Telegraph
Scots ‘would have to pay for BBC shows after Yes vote’ .
This border control fiasco could be hiding a more sinister truth.
Alex Salmond defies calls for Holyrood statement on currency.
Nobel economists say policy blunders pushing Europe into depression.
EU rules against powerful vacuum cleaners ban ‘best’ models, Which?

The Express
– As officials try to identify US journalist’s killer – how do Britons become IS murderers?

City A.M.
Self-employment is at its highest for 40 years.
– After a split Monetary Policy Committee vote, has forward guidance now lost all credibility?
Commuters need a radical privatised solution to cut through the rail blob.
Labour’s plans to punish misbehaving energy suppliers dismissed by big six.
George Osborne accused of obstructing MPs over Co-op and Lloyds Bank deal.

The Times
Boys expected to narrow the gap at GCSE as English grades fall.
Ukip ‘will cut taxes for the rich and poor’​ (mention Tim Aker).
Human trafficking to Britain is rising.

The Guardian
Call to bar Lord Rennard from Liberal Democrat group in House of Lords.
GCSE results tipped to improve but schools reliant on resits may suffer.
Labour unveils plans to crackdown on energy industry abuses.
– Diary: How Labour MPs got wise to ‘Ed’ the undercover Tory.

Daily Mail
Labour doesn’t value family life says Ed’s ex-aide: Party ‘should do more to support those couples who stay together’.
Fury of heads over ‘harshly graded’ GCSE English tests: Teachers say sweeping reforms have led to wild swing in results compared with last year.

Financial Times
ECB bank audit to cover consultants in cash.

– WEST MIDLANDS: By-election for new police and crime commissioner.
– 0815 LONDON: GCSE results.
– 0930 LONDON: Retail sales and public sector borrowing figures for July are published by the Office for National Statistics.

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