YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by two points: CON 31%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 17%, GRN 6%

Rochester & Strood poll (ComRes): UKIP – 43%, CON – 30%, LAB – 21%, LDEM – 3%, GRN – 2%​
City A.M.

– ​Lloyds job cuts: 9,000 to go in next three years as bank moves towards digital.

– Glaxo’s £17bn HIV wonder drugs split.

Daily Mail

– More than 700 foreign criminals caught in just two days: Fugitive wanted for 23 offences and man suspected of £11,500 fraud among those held in crackdown.​

– Oops! Silly me: Embarassment for sex abuse inquiry boss Fiona Woolf as picture emerges that calls into question her evidence over links to Lord Brittan.

Financial Times

– Osborne reaches out to women voters with childcare grants.

– UK tops league of non-EU migrant arrivals.

– Iain Duncan Smith scraps targets for universal credit rollout.

The Guardian

– Juncker tells Cameron: you can’t destroy EU migration rules.

– Theresa May: police use Tasers too often against mentally ill.

The Independent

– More women are in work in Britain than ever before.

– Thousands with degenerative conditions classified as ‘fit to work in future’ – despite no possibility of improvement.

– Electoral Commission unfit for purpose, claims think tank with links to Number 10.

– Main parties are keeping voters in the dark about tax and spending plans, claims think tank.

The Sun

– Legal action launched to block paedo probe boss Fiona Woolf.

– EU migrants would never get UK benefits until they find a job.

The Telegraph

– Britain urged to suspend aid to Pakistan as hangings loom.

– The scandal of Europe’s ever-expanding budget.

– NHS: Money alone won’t buy us better treatment.

The Times

– Cameron puts foot down as Brussels tries to raise budget.

– EU threatens Israel with sanctions over settlements.

– Facebook pays no corporation tax again.


– BRUSSELS: David Cameron at European Council summit.

– ROCHESTER: Result expected of primary for Conservative candidate in Rochester & Strood by-election.

– 0900: Call Clegg on LBC 97.3.

– 0930 LONDON: Theresa May speech at Policing and Mental Health Summit.

– 1010 LONDON: David Laws speech to 4Children conference to set out new pupil premium rates for 2015/16.

– 1115 LONDON: Philip Hammond gives evidence to parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee.

– 1315 MANCHESTER: Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin speaks to HS2 Supply Chain conference.

– 1430 LONDON: Report on Gurkha pensions launched by all-party group of MPs.

– 1440 BIRMINGHAM: Jeremy Hunt speech to Best Practice conference.

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