Latest YouGov/The Sun results 25th June – Con 32%, Lab 37%, LD 7%, UKIP 14%
Sky News
– Royal Family Costs Taxpayer 56p Per Person. Royal officials claim money was spent on repairing nationally important buildings but the figure includes William and Kate’s flat.​ (also in Daily Express) ​
– Tory think-tank [Bow Group]: UKIP could take 12 seats at General Election [solely based on extrapolation from Newark result so take with a pinch of salt].
City AM
Euro banks recover from crash at last as investors show confidence.
Daily Telegraph
End Coalition before the election, senior Tories tell Cameron.
– Official: Give children water only (also in Daily Mail).
Daily Express
Blame our Iraq invasion for civil war says General Richards.
Daily Mail
– Nick Boyle (NHS Consultant Surgeon): How the NHS wastes billions.
– Stephen Glover: I repeat, Dave’s been a fool. But the way Blair and Milliband schmoozed Murdoch makles him seem a rank amateur.
The Times
– David Aaronovitch: Archduke Ferdinand – father of today’s EU. When the Austro-Hungarian empire fell, a bloody era of nationalism followed. Only Brussels can save us from it.
– Tim Montgomerie: I come to praise Coulson, not to bury him. The former spin doctor helped the Tories win back blue-collar voters. The time has come to promote blue-collar MPs.

The Guardian 

US backs downs as it extends privacy rights to Europeans.

Cameron facing heavy defeat over Juncker.

PM’s gambit threatens to leave Britain in minority of one.

– Seamus Milne: They say Miliband’s a loser but they fear he could win.

– David Blunkett: Did we have to sacrifice our privacy again to get justice.

The Independent

– Miliband: Was Coulson role queried by civil servants?

PM loses friends home and abroad over opposition to Juncker job.

US computer giant rakes in £140m a month from Whitehall.

The Sun

– Cam and Ed at all-time low. We don’t trust either of EU 2. Business for Britain focus groups in marginal constituencies shows huge cynicism over what the Party leaders say on Europe. 


Daily Events

House of Commons 

– Oral Questions. Business, Innovation and Skills, including Topical Questions
– Statement – Mr Jeremy Hunt. NHS investigations into Jimmy Savile
– Debate. Programme of Commemoration for the First World War

House of Lords

– Oral Questions. Government co-operation with UK MEP representatives
– Oral Questions. Contributing to the work of the EU to prepare for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy
– Debate. Roles played by the voluntary and charitable sectors
– Short Debate. Promoting British values in all educational establishments in the UK in the next year
– LONDON: Pension minister Steve Webb publishing the Pensions Bill.
– 0900: Call Clegg on LBC 97.3.
– 1000 LONDON: Health and Social Care Information Centre briefing on the care of older people. HSCIC to publish statistics about the health and care of older people in England.
– 1030 LONDON: Bank of England publishes financial stability report followed by press conference. Bank of England.
– 1500 GLASGOW: Referendum voters aged 16-22 meet Alistair Carmichael. Forty young voters have been given the chance to question the Scottish Secretary. The event was open to all on a first come first served basis.
– 1600 YPRES, BELGIUM: European Council leaders, including David Cameron, visit to Menin Gate to mark centenary of the start of First World War. Event begins with a ceremony at the Menin Gate starting around 1700 local time (1600 UK) , followed by a dinner of the Heads of State or Government in the City Hall. Menin Gate, Ypres.
1800 EDINBURGH: Public panel discussion on the economic impact of independence to take place. The School of Economics at Edinburgh University and the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics to host the event. Professor James E Anderson from Boston College, Professor Enrico Spolare from Tufts University and Stephen Farrington, deputy director of the economic group at HM Treasury, are the panellists.
– 1900 LONDON: Andrew Mitchell speech. The former Secretary of State for International Development, will deliver the sixth bi-annual lecture of the Durham Global Security Institute Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
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