YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour and Tories tied:  CON 33%, LAB 33%, LD 6%, UKIP 15%, GRN 7%

City A.M.
Mark Carney slams Eurozone austerity and urges common fiscal policy. 

Daily Mail
Editorial: Red Ed’s NHS weapon blows up in his face.
Don’t dial 999: Go online to report a crime instead, Home Secretary tells victims.
Every foreign recruit to NHS will have to take an English test: Ministers set to vote on law change in weeks.
How our rail ticket prices have TREBLED since privatisation: Some open returns now cost more than flights to European cities. 

The Express
Fury at foreign aid deal that could fund criminals with £900m of taxpayers’ cash. 

Financial Times
Editorial: Britain’s Greens venture towards pastures new.
MPs sound alarm over UK public cash links with Nigerian projects.
Satisfaction with NHS rises despite A&E problems. 

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on hung parliament negotiations: time to plan.
Editorial: The Guardian view on Greece’s debt relief: compromise is the way to go.
Ed Miliband promises Scotland home rule bill if Labour win the election.
Ofcom’s deputy chair is ‘stooge’ for Tories, says Harriet Harman. 

The Independent
Editorial: Apple’s vast profits are deserved, but the scale of the tech giant’s tax avoidance demands an international response.
Editorial: Turning the tables: Schools should focus on pupils first, and Whitehall second.
Labour sources hit out at Tony Blair’s former ministers for undermining Ed Miliband’s election chances. 

The Mirror
Campaigners: Carer visits must last 30 minutes EVERY DAY and workers be paid living wage.
Will Seb Coe be standing as Tory candidate for Mayor of London.
UKIP candidate shares race hate article on Facebook branding mixed-race couples a ‘plague’.
David Cameron’s General Election campaign trail bill being kept secret by Downing Street.

The Sun
Editorial: CUTTING the vast benefits bill is both right and popular. YET again a mountain of taxpayers’ cash is hastily splurged on risky Third World aid schemes to meet a crazy annual target. HAVE Labour gone mad? How do they think even their diehard voters will react to them flirting with Sinn Fein? MANY men may wonder if their other half has undiagnosed Tourette’s.
Local economies to get £1bn boost from Govt.

The Telegraph
Editorial: This NHS scaremongering will backfire on Labour.
Editorial: Defenceless cuts.
Scrap Trident, ditch Barnett, reverse the cuts – the price of power for Miliband and Cameron in a hung parliament.
Nick Clegg accused of £300 million ‘ploy’ to save Danny Alexander.

The Times
Editorial: The church needs more conviction and less claptrap.
Bank chief condemns German austerity.
Greece threatens to veto new European sanctions on Russia.
MoD’s 15 golf courses may be first to go in new cuts.

– 0700: Nationwide Building Society releases its house price study for January.
– 0900: Nick Clegg on LBC radio.
– 0930: Insolvency figures released for the fourth quarter of 2014
– 0930 ENGLAND: Publication of secondary school performance tables.
– 1020 MANCHESTER: Business Secretary Vince Cable to announce investment in Manchester.

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