YouGov/Sun poll – Labour lead by seven points: CON 31%, LAB 38%, LD 7%, UKIP 15%, GRN 5%

UKIP receives million pound boost.
European Commissioner Designate – UK has no hope of changing Freedom of Movement rules.
UKIP’s Economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn MEP responds to David Cameron.
An Open Letter to The Rt Hon William Hague MP.

City A.M.
Boris’ deputy slams support for electric cars.
EU hearings: Lord Hill failed to convince Brussels he can be Europe’s next finance commisioner.

Daily Mail
GP retirement rush ‘could shut 500 surgeries’: Warning patients will have to travel further and waiting times will increase as hundreds give up work over next year.
Fury as top medical journal joins the green bandwagon: Think-tank slams BMJ’s ‘alarmist’ global warming claims.

The Express
Patriotic Cameron pledges to reward hard-working Brits in rousing speech.
‘They called me a nobody now they know who I am’ Outraged Tory donor ups Ukip fund to £1m.
£1m Guantanamo prisoner may seek new pay-out as terror trial collapses.
BNP expel Nick Griffin for trying to ‘destabilise’ the party.

The Guardian
Cameron offers £7bn tax giveaway and warns vote for Ukip would let Labour in.
Negative tweets on Cameron’s speech outweigh positive by 10 to one.
Benefit freezes and the final nail in caring Conservatism’s coffin.
Britain’s housing crisis: are garden cities the answer?

The Independent
Lord Hill takes ‘Hugh Grant approach’ to EU hearing.

The Sun
Cam’s conference vows – and what they mean.
Cam vows: I’ll sort out immigration shambles.
Hague’s jibe at Tory donor in Ukip switch.

The Telegraph
Banning online extremists isn’t the answer.

The Times
Families on £30,000 drive rise in house benefit claims.

– 0900: Call Clegg on LBC 97.3.
– 0930 LONDON: Bank of England financial policy committee statement.

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