YouGov/Sun – CON 35, LAB 37, LD 8, UKIP 12​


Sky News

Airport Security Tightened Over ‘Bomb Fears’ (also in The Times).


City AM

MPs demand probe into share fixing.

– Miliband tries to thaw Labour’s relationship with business.

Booming Britain surges ahead of sluggish Europe.

– Cameron: You can be patriotic Scot and vote no (also in The Times, The Independent).

– Graeme Leach: Why genuine competition will pay a serious growth dividend.


Daily Telegraph

Labour leadership failing to take in new ideas, warns Cruddas.

Give Britons a vote on Juncker, says Osborne’s father -in-law.​

Green tax bill reaches record high of £1,600 per family.


Daily Express

Europe threat over recycling (also in Daily Mail, The Times).

– Farage: Britain is nearer to leaving EU than ever.

– Stunned lifeboat crew rescues ‘illegal immigrants’ crossing the Channel in a toy dinghy.


Daily Mail

– Mystery of missing dossier on VIP child abusers (also in The Sun).

– Merkel backs Cameron in battle to stop £30million in child benefit being sent from Britain to families across the EU.

Google begins era of internet censorship (also in The Times).

– Red Ed’s guru Lord Glasman attacks Labour ‘lack of direction’.

– Clegg: Give £250 bonus to full-time carers.

– BBC secrecy on salaries condemned: Corporation attacked by spending watchdog after it stopped investigations into pay deals and IT fiascos.​ ​


The Times

Blair under fire over role advising Egypt’s President.

Miliband goes on the offensive over NHS.

– Jenni Russell: Ed and his team would be a disaster at No 10.

– Tim Montgomerie: Spending cuts: you haven’t seen the half of it.


The Guardian

NHS cancer care faces privatisation.

Cut schools funding if they fail to act over FGM, say MPs.


The Independent

BBC ‘loses’ secret details of covert military personnel.

– ‘Prosecute doctors who keep quiet about FGM victims‘ says Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

PM must exclude NHS from TTIP trade deal or could be sued, union warns.


Financial Times

Visa curbs on highly skilled migrants hit UK talent pool.


The Sun

Red Ed’s kick in the polls. Cam best PM, say voters.


Daily Events

House of Commons

– The Electoral Commission gives evidence to the Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.


House of Lords

– Oral Questions. Student Loans Company and reports that they have employed misleading practices

– Debate. Strengthening the UK’s manufacturing sector

– Debate. Importance of investment in the rural economy



– LIVERPOOL: Unite national conference. Biennial conference of the Unite union.

– LIVERPOOL: Business minister Matt Hancock speech to Federation of Small Businesses.

– Call Clegg on LBC 97.3.

– LONDON: Ed Miliband speech at the Policy Network conference. Conference opens with welcome speech by Ed Balls at 0925, Mr Miliband speaks at 1005

– LETTERKENNY: IRA spy inquest. Hearing for inquest into murder of Denis Donaldson in 2006.

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