YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Tories take one-point lead, Lib Dems fall to fifth: CON 32%, LAB 31%, LD 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7%

City A.M

Editorial: There’s only one thing on his mind. 

– Autumn Statement 2014: George Osborne’s wizard wheezes don’t mask his total failure to eliminate the deficit. 

Daily Mail

Editorial: Osborne sets out the battle lines. 

– One in ten children are obese when they start primary school: Number of pupils who are overweight found to be higher in deprived areas.

The Express

– Autumn Statement: Pound rises to new high against euro.

– Truffles and lobster for MEPs Christmas party…paid for by the British taxpayer.

Financial Times

Editorial: Cuts alone may not deliver George Osborne’s elusive fiscal goal.

– Autumn Statement 2014: Private equity caught off guard.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on George Osborne: he cannot be serious.

– George Osborne thrown off course by pay squeeze and falling income tax take.

– Northern Ireland and Wales should have more tax-raising powers, says Osborne.

– Education secretary under pressure to revoke planned A-level reforms.

The Independent

Editorial: A welcome £3m from the Chancellor, but homeless veterans still need our help.​

Editorial: Autumn Statement: Less is not more, Mr. Osborne.

– ‘Poor’ Nigel Farage finds it hard to get by on £109,000 a year plus expenses.

– Autumn Statement: Nick Clegg boycotts Osborne’s announcement to avoid sitting next to David Cameron, claim reports.

– Autumn Statement: Income tax changes ‘won’t help working poor’.

– Autumn Statement: Boost for master’s students with introduction of postgraduate loans.

The Sun

Editorial: GEORGE Osborne always planned giveaways before the next election. He cannot have imagined he’d have so few presents to sling from his Santa sack.

– All Brit businesses ‘should take on a disabled person’.

– UN chief blasts Britain’s immigration fears as ‘utter b******t’.

– Boris tried to pacify passenger who was ‘off his head’ on flight.

The Telegraph

Editorial: George Osborne has given Britain a clear choice for 2015.

– Devolving England into regions would weaken us against Brussels.​

– George Osborne is not the great Chancellor that he thinks he is.

– George Osborne’s plan to shrink the state is big news.

The Times

Editorial: Uncomfortable truths like Rotherham are the most important to tell. 

– Human rights veto ‘threatens future of UK’.

– Deal with campus extremists or face jail, vice-chancellors warned.


– LONDON: Nice publishes final report on which values should influence decisions on how health and social care resources are shared out.

– 0900 LONDON: Healthcare Financial Management Association conference.

– 0915 ABERDEEN: Ministers launch response to Oil and Gas Fiscal Review.

– 0930 LONDON: Institute for Economic Affairs/Taxpayers Alliance briefing on Autumn Statement.

– 1000 LONDON: Flood defence and prevention expo.

– 1010 LONDON: Home Secretary Theresa May gives evidence to the Lords Extradition Law Committee.

– 1200 LONDON: Bank of England decision on interest rates and quantitative easing programme.

– 1300 LONDON: Institute for Fiscal Studies briefing on the Autumn Statement.​

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