YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by one: CON 32%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 15%, GRN 7% 
City A.M.

– General Election 2015: This NHS spending arms race will not deliver the health service we need.

Daily Mail

Editorial: A murderous attack on Western freedoms.

Teenage suspect ‘arrested after handing himself into police’ over Paris magazine massacre that left 12 dead – as anti-terror unit raids building in hunt for two brothers ‘trained in Yemen as assassins’.

Petrol price should be £1 a litre already: Fall in cost of oil not being passed on, say experts.

Now patients are being ferried to A&E in fire engines: Union leaders warn public is being put at risk as the practice becomes more common as further shocking cases emerge.

The Express

Brussels reject David Cameron’s plans to cut welfare to European Union migrants.

Threat to UK as euro slips into deflation.

Financial Times

Editorial: Markets prophesy secular stagnation.

Editorial: A murderous attack on freedom of expression.

Cameron set to relaunch ‘northern powerhouse’ initiative.

Whitehall under fire for late payment of bills to SMEs.

Merkel offers Cameron limited support. 

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on Charlie Hebdo: those guns were trained on free speech.

Editorial: The Guardian view on the crisis in A&E: only part of the story.

Government urged to suspend benefit sanctions regime.

UK firms use scams to avoid paying minimum wage.

The Independent

Editorial: The murder of Charlie Hebdo staff is an assault on freedom of expression. All organs of the press must resist it.

Editorial: Bandaging the NHS: Our health service needs saving – and sticking plasters won’t do.

Labour’s ‘manifesto for women’: Miliband to target the 9m who didn’t vote at the last election.

NHS crisis Q&A: What’s happened to Britain’s health service – and what are the solutions?

The Mirror

David Cameron in ‘total denial’ about NHS meltdown as he tries to blame PATIENTS.

Energy firms ‘could afford to slash gas bills by £107’ as wholesale prices tumble. 

The Sun

Editorial: THE Islamist barbarians sought to crush freedom of speech yesterday. Last night’s moving protests in Paris and London showed it will never happen. THE NHS is under siege. Hospitals are turning away sick patients.

PM vows to shell out £8bn for NHS bail-out.

May slapped down over plans to boot out foreign students.

Merkel kills off UK border control hopes.

The Telegraph

Editorial: The tragic attack on Charlie Hebdo could have far-reaching implications.

Will the Conservatives ever be loved in the North?

Borstal can still work for today’s tearaways.

Britain must be more like the US and spread its ‘economic might’.

David Cameron backs Commons vote on expanding ballot to 16- and 17-year olds.

Nigel Farage: David Cameron will not get any major concessions from Angela Merkel.

The Times

Editorial: It’s only fair to give anonymity to those accused of rape.

French police hunt killers as world recoils over Charlie Hebdo attack.

Israel braced for charges as Palestinians join court.

Merkel backs welfare reform but ducks question of EU treaty change.

Ukip woman had ‘a problem with negroes because of their faces’.

UKIP Website

Statement on Paris shooting.

Cameron can’t change free movement, take it from the Commission.

UKIP’s O’Flynn blasts Labour and Tories for unedifying and relentlessly negative start to election campaign.

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