YouGov/Sun poll: CON 34%, LAB 36%, LD 10%, UKIP 12%

City AM
Jobs market set to dominate election fight until May 2015.
Osborne ready to sell more Lloyds stock when price rises.
– Andrew Sentance: The sorry tale of forward guidance: How our central bank got it wrong.
– Howard Morris: Rising rates will kill off the zombie firms – but they may hurt SMEs too.

Daily Telegraph
SAS sent in as Iraq rescue mission is launched (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian).
Britain’s duty to defeat Islamic state. Kurdish security chief claims his people are victims of mistakes made by UK in drawing the map of the Middle East.
Low interest rates will stay until next year, Bank signals.
Universities in a scramble to attract best A-level students.
– Minister: action needed to eradicate university black holes.
– Dan Hodges: This BBC protection racket should be shut down.
– Jo Boaler: Britain’s maths policy simply doesn’t add up.

Daily Express
Support floods in for fight to end hospital car parking rip-off incl comment from Patrick O’Flynn MEP.
Number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK soars by nearly 10 PER CENT.
– Leo McKinstry: John Major’s views on immigration are predictably wrong.

Daily Mail
Now you may need SIX bins. Warning from Britain’s biggest waste firm over new EU rules.
Migrants take four jobs for every one that goes to a Briton.
How BBC sends out 100,00 ‘bullying’ licence letters a day.
– Max Hastings: Yes, protect the innocent. But we mustn’t be drawn into another war we can’t win.
UKIP gets more donations than Lib Dems.
– How convenient! City boos made a peer by Tories had handed them £333,000 – just WEEKS earlier (also in The Independent).

The Times
UKIP pulls ahead of Lib Dems with a £1m donation.
Clegg plans cut in national insurance.
Northern cities can be ‘technology powerhouse’.
UKIP MEP Louise Bours goes her own way on death penalty.
– Jack Straw: Let’s keep the pressure on this arrogant court (ECHR).
– Tim Montgomerie: The curry minister has a lesson for the right.

The Guardian
Minister calls for looser restrictions on cannabis to treat sick.
Woe for workers as pay falls for first time since 2009.
Trident could go to England, says thinktank.
Unsafe GP surgeries told: improve or be shut down (also in The Independent).
Suspend Manchester police chief, say MPs.

The Independent
Sikh Tory donor ennobled under false pretences, say Sikhs.
College of GPs says HS2 work will disrupt its exams.
Sick and disabled are being made destitute by Government crackdown on benefits, says charity.

Financial Times
Rise in eastern European workers signals confidence in strengthening economy incl comment from Steven Woolfe MEP.
Tories raise twice as much as Labour incl comment from Nigel Farage MEP.

The Sun
– Pay and dismay.

Daily Events
– A-Level results.
– Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its arrears and repossessions figures for the second quarter of 2014.

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