YouGov/Sun poll – Labour a one point lead.. Con 34%, Lab 35%, Lib Dems 7%, UKIP 14%

City A.M.

Brussels must see the lighter side of dark pools – or watch City innovation wither.
2,000 migrants drowned trying to flee to Europe so far this year, says UN.
– Forget Piketty: How Sweden combined wealth and equality through capitalism.
– Cameron: The Scots cannot pilfer pound.



Daily Mail

– We won’t take the blame! 1,400 girls abused and rapists are on the loose – but Rotherham abuse scandal officials STILL pass the buck.
– From sex abuse gangs to jihadis, the State’s fear of seeming ‘racist’ is letting evil thrive, writes MANZOOR MOhtml.
– Hunt demands shake-up to stop NICE blocking life-extending drugs for cancer: Health Secretary will also announce 40% increase in resources to pay for treatments.
Nigel Farage vows to RESIGN as UKIP leader if the party fails to breakthrough in next year’s general election.
Farage to target Boris over migrant amnesty if Tories use London mayor as ‘Ukip killer’ at the General Election.

The Express

EU farce: £2.5bn given to LANDLOCKED Czech Republic to boost its FISHING industry.
‘Benefit handouts could top £54k a YEAR under Labour’.
– ‘Who lies, flies’: Tough new rules on EU benefit cheats announced in Germany.
Cameron under pressure to follow Germany with EU migrant crackdown.
Multiculturalism is to blame for the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.



Financial Times

Privately educated dominate UK’s top jobs.
Ukip has Rotherham in its sights after child sex abuse scandal.



The Guardian
South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright quits Labour but not PCC role.
Councils tendering care contracts case by case in online ‘auctions’.
Universities could get cash for every poor student, says Labour.
George Osborne will miss UK export target, BCC warns.
Who rounded up migrants for the Daily Express? Not us, says Migration Watch.
What makes a perfect Ukip target seat?



The Independent

Old boy’s club still dominates public life, according to major new report.
Women underrepresented at all levels in British politics.
Overcharging by outsourcing giant Serco costs NHS millions.



The Sun

A Herr-raising boost for David Cameron.
Ill are chased to pay.
1 in 3 cut back on food to save their home.



The Telegraph

Can Nigel Farage pull up the drawbridge on Thanet?
How Nick Clegg totally lost the women of Britain.
John Bercow and his cronies threaten this country’s parliamentary democracy.
Cancer drugs fund subject to ‘value for money’ assessment for first time.



The Times

Cameron risks split with US on airstrikes.
Local man to take on Boris for Tory seat.
Top Tory pledges change on British human rights law.
Old boys and girls still take top jobs.



– 0900 LONDON: Health workers strike ballot.

– 0930 LONDON: Latest migration quarterly statistics published. ONS. Migration Statistics Quarterly Report.

– 1030 DUNDEE: Scottish Labour to launch new poster campaign.




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