YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Tories have a four-point lead over Labour: CON 35%, LAB 31%, LD 8%, UKIP 14%, GRN 6%

City A.M.
G4S hikes cash set aside to pay UK government by £45m as profits rise.
Labour MP says Tories blocking questioning of ex-HSBC boss. 

Daily Mail
Editorial: Why no one can trust this prophet of doom. 
400 freed sex offenders have been missing for up to 14 years despite being ‘closely monitored’ but police won’t name them because it would ‘breach their human rights’.
NHS bureaucrats on more than £140,000: 20 bosses award themselves higher salary than PM.
Officials must never again let fears of being called racist get in the way of reporting sex crimes against children, says Ofsted chief.
GPs reject £150-an-hour deal to open at Easter: Family doctors condemn offer and say they will turn up ‘if cash is quadrupled’. 

The Express
Editorial: Latest EU ruling is a dangerous precedent that rewards criminals.
Britain would become the NORTH KOREA of Europe if we left EU, says Gordon Brown.
David Cameron speaks of relief after daughter Nancy secures place at top state school.
Britain has no hope of stopping free movement of migrants, says Foreign Secretary.
George Osborne wants to raise the tax-free personal allowance.

Financial Times
Editorial: US makes a strategic error in the oil price war.
Editorial: In the telecoms industry, the consumer comes first.
Scottish powers plan raises danger of conflict, warn MPs.
Osborne finds austerity breathing space.
The only future for the UK is a federal one.

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on the assault on human rights law: objection sustained.
Editorial: The Guardian view on Islamic State: fear in a handful of dust.
Government accused of breaking promises on NHS cancer treatment.
Scottish parties fail the gender equality test before general election.
Immigration and health what UK voters are talking about, data shows.

The Independent
David Cameron ‘could remain in office’ after election if we get hung parliament, admits policy adviser Sir Jeremy Heywood.
Tories’ Alex Salmond billboard gets Nigel Farage spoof treatment.
Ed Balls: ‘Police and the Army will bear brunt of £70bn Tory cash cuts’.

The Mirror
Thousands of cancer patients being denied radiotherapy because of Government’s broken promise.
Tories ‘will charge NHS patients for treatment to pay for £70billion of cuts’ claims Ed Balls.
Urgent inquiry needed into impact of 100k mentally ill people losing disability benefits, says ex-health minister.
Lib Dem tax plans help middle earners, not the low paid, warns economic expert.

The Sun
Editorial: IT’S an insane idea but we understand why Labour’s biggest private donor would rather his party had a coalition with the Tories than the Scottish Nationalists. LIBERATING private pensions is one of George Osborne’s best ideas. 
DESPERATE Labour chiefs are plotting a German-style permanent alliance with the SNP to hand Ed Miliband the keys to No 10, it has emerged.
Kids still at ‘paedo risk’.
Britain faces ‘biggest security threat in generations’, Foreign Secretary warns.
Unions plotting pitch invasion at top Premiership footy fixture before Election.

The Telegraph
Editorial: Telegraph View: Jean-Claude Juncker should ditch his absurd initiative for a European army and focus on cutting red tape.
Editorial: Free schools teach the tories a valuable lesson.
Samantha Power: defence cuts are ‘deeply concerning’.
Fixing our schools: ‘it’s not the policy, it’s the people’.

The Times
Editorial: British Asians need a stake in our past.
Parents call in police to control their children.
Balls heaps pressure on Tories with defence spending pledge.
Labour candidates reject Blair’s cash gift. 

UKIP Website
James Carver MEP appointed as Commonwealth Spokesman.
Plans binding future governments to spending minimum amount on foreign aid opposed by UKIP.
The real answer to providing first class education in this country is to provide grammar school places.
Keep the Commonwealth Flag Flying.

– LONDON: Eric Pickles oral Commons statement on Troubled Families programme.
– 0830 LONDON: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond speech on intelligence and security.
– 0930 LONDON: Child mortality rates released by ONS.
– 1415 LONDON: Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gives evidence to the Lords Economic Affairs Committee.
– 1530 LONDON: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond gives evidence to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.
– 1615 LONDON: The former leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Roger Stone, gives evidence to the Commons Communities and Local Government Committee on child sex abuse in the town.
– 1900: Harriet Harman phone-in on LBC Radio.

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