YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by one: CON 32%, LAB 33%, LD 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 6% Ashcroft National Poll: Con 34%, Lab 28%, Lib Dem 8%, UKIP 16%, Green 8%

City A.M.

– Petrol price cut by 2p as big four supermarkets fuel price war brings £1 a liter petrol ever closer.

 EU referendum greater risk to London’s property market than General Election uncertainty, says KPMG.

Daily Mail

Editorial: Cameron can’t duck migration questions.

– Defiant Charlie Hebdo’s first cover since massacre depicts weeping Prophet Muhammad holding Je Suis Charlie sign as authors aim to sell 3 MILLION copies.

– Farage says West bears some ‘culpability’ for Paris massacres because of foreign wars and mass immigration.

The Express

Editorial: Terror wife should not be allowed to live in Britain.

– Cameron defends decision to cut immigration from his six ‘key themes’ of general election.

– Primary school boy accuses rail chiefs of being ‘bad at maths’ and telling lies

– ‘Gibraltar is a pawn’ PM blasted for ‘sacrificing’ the Rock to secure reforms in Europe.

– Furious backlash as Ed Miliband claims quitting EU makes UK more vulnerable to terrorists.

– ‘Nasty shock’ as a MILLION people miss out on full pension.

– Cancer drugs axed in £80million NHS cuts.

Financial Times

Editorial: Extremist attacks not just in France but in Nigeria and Yemen too.

Editorial: Britain needs to set its housing market in order.

– Railway report rekindles row over break-up.

– It’s the economy, stupid, David Cameron warns doubters.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on mass surveillance: missing the target.

Editorial: The Guardian view on milk prices: dairy farmers are being driven out of business. The groceries regulator should find out why.

– Losses due to housing benefit fraud and errors rising, say MPs.

– Pay squeeze could cost Treasury more than £100bn, say Labour calculations.

– Almost one in five primary schools has too many pupils, Labour survey finds.

The Independent

– Nick Clegg calls for revival of ‘snoopers’ charter’ over fears in the wake of Paris attacks.

– MPs pursued for thousands in overpaid expenses.

– Ministers fail to investigate G4S ‘human rights abuses’.

The Mirror

– David Cameron slammed after claiming he will slash £30BILLION without inflicting pain.

The Sun

Editorial: FACTOR out Ukip, the Lib Dems, the Greens and the Raving Loonies on May 7 and voters will be faced with one simple question: Who do you want to be Prime Minister? THE axing of extortionate cash machine charges is a Sun victory that will be felt in th

The Telegraph

Editorial: Network Rail is inefficient, unaccountable and indifferent to the customer – it must sort its act out. 

Editorial: The Tories have the right message, but they need to ram home how life will get better.

– Middle class hardest hit by benefit cuts and tax rises.

– Why Ed Miliband should be careful talking about the NHS.

– Why our trains are going nowhere.

– General Election 2015: David Cameron to give more snooping powers to spies.

The Times

Editorial: Britain is stuck in the slow lane of broadband speed. 

– Labour plan to borrow risks £170bn extra debt. 

– Faulty equipment and too few staff caused rail chaos.

UKIP Website

– David Cameron is ignoring voters’ concerns.

– Prime Minister fails to mention critical migration policy.

– Time to cut the cost of public transport.

– EU VAT rule change leads to 200 small businesses closing.


– LONDON: London bus workers’ strike.

– 0930 CITY: Inflation figures for December are published by the Office for National Statistics.

– 0930: Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases its house price figures.

– 1400 LONDON: Former prime minister Tony Blair to appear before a parliamentary inquiry into so-called On the Runs (OTRs).

– 1430 LONDON: Hugo Swire at Foreign Affairs Committee on Hong Kong.

– 1530 LONDON: Lords Economic Affairs Committee hearing on HS2

– 1550 LONDON: Theresa May and Chris Grayling at Lords EU Committee.

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