YouGov/Sun poll tonight: Greens two points ahead of the Lib Dems for first time under @YouGov. LAB 34%, CON 32%, UKIP 14%, GRN 8%, LD 6%.

City A.M.

– Labour slams budget charter but still signs up.

Daily Mail

– Red Ed feels the heat over torture: Labour leader rocked by revolt from his own MPs as he refuses to back an inquiry led by a judge.

The Express

Editorial: Vision of Britain outside of the EU is a positive one argues Ross Clark.
– Labour tell MPs NOT to discuss immigration – as Miliband gives major immigration speech.
– Labour plans would send taxes soaring for millions of families, David Cameron warns.

Financial Times

Editorial: The long road from Lima to a global climate deal. 
– Tories accused of undermining arts boards.
– UK election threat to nuclear deterrent.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on Britain and torture: tell the truth.
– Alistair Darling’s 5am plea to PM ignored after Scottish no vote.
– Theresa May denies seeking redactions in CIA torture report.
– Pickles under attack over plan for referendums on council tax rises.

The Independent

– Picture exclusive: Ukip’s Neil Hamilton and the club that wants ‘civilised rule’ restored in South Africa.
– Two thirds of Britons do not support George Osborne’s £30bn additional cuts.

The Sun

Editorial: LABOUR are holed below the water line on the economy and immigration. WHY was Islamist madman Man Haron Monis free to murder hostages in Sydney?
– Labour immigration plan exposed.
– Tory pledge to deliver English MP veto.

The Telegraph

Editorial: We need a thinner blue line.
Editorial: Labour are either knaves or fools.
– Tony Blair said to be prepared to face inquiry over CIA torture report. 
– Ukip ‘secures £1.5m EU funding’.
– Five things we learned: Nigel Farage meets Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom.

The Times

Editorial: Disturbed children need a doctor, not a night in the cells.
– Councils buy back houses at huge loss to taxpayers.
Politicians put stability at risk in race for popularity, Grieve warns.


– 0700 LONDON: Bank of England publishes the results of UK bank stress tests.
– 0930 LONDON: Inflation figures for November are published by the Office for National Statistics.
– 0930: Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases its house price study for October. ONS 0845 604 1858.
– 1230 LONDON: Steve Webb oral statement to MPs on Post Office card accounts.
– 1600 LONDON: David Cameron gives evidence to the Commons Liaison Committee.
– 1900: Nick Clegg takes part in the Leaders Live show.

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