The Spectator

Conservatives are four points ahead in latest ICM poll.

In this election, won’t someone please weaponise defence?

Greek debt talks break up.

The Guardian

Greece bailout talks break down after Athens rejects ‘unacceptable’ eurozone demands.

Copenhagen attacks: Denmark’s mourners pay tribute to victims.

Osborne advised using financial loopholes to avoid tax and care costs.

The Daily Mail

So will the BBC and Channel 4 screen pre-election dramas mocking the Left? In your dreams!

Farage says decision to show drama about the party winning election ‘backfired’ on broadcaster.

‘He went into a prison a gang member and came out wanting to wage holy war’.

The Express

‘We’ll make jobless young do community work for dole’ Cameron announces welfare reform.

Miliband mocked over plans to introduce another 80,000 apprenticeships in UK.

Supreme Court to rule on segregation of jailed terrorists.

The Huffington Post

George Osborne Has Lost £33Billion in Taxes Because of Wage Stagnation.

Ukip Is More Hated Than Marmite – But It Should Probably Celebrate That.

Ant And Dec, Stanch Labour Voters, Doubt Ed Miliband Would Be A Good PM.

The Telegraph

Of all the political sins, hypocrisy is worst – especially for Labour.

Ed Balls among 12 shadow cabinet members who claimed expenses without receipts.

Would Britain thrive outside the EU?

The Independent

David Cameron wants jobless young adults to do charity work in return for benefits.

Sex education: Tories snub puts teenagers at risk of ‘pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and exploitation’.

Ukip named UK’s most hated brand, followed by the Tories and Marmite.







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