YouGov/Sun poll tonight: Tories and Labour tied – CON 32%, LAB 32%, LD 8%, UKIP 15%, GRN 7%

City A.M.

British Gas price cuts will save customers £37 a year.

Small party support jumps in latest Lord Ashcroft poll.

David Cameron renews pledge to lead UK to full employment, but what is it?

Daily Mail

Editorial: Who will stand up for gas consumers?

Complete failure: MPs blast Home Office over foreign criminals after it emerges killers and rapists are among 760 on the run despite 800 more staff to tackle crisis.

No more Page 3? Speculation mounts that The Sun has dropped its topless models – with no bare breasts seen since Friday.

Jobless Brits abroad could be sent home under plans by David Cameron to reform EU welfare rules.

The Express

Editorial: Home Office has failed to deport foreign criminals.

UK and EU are heading for divorce, says Brussels boss.

Cameron warns Muslim leaders that they have a ‘problem’ for not fighting extremism.

Home Secretary Theresa May accused of ‘shocking’ failure on foreign crooks.

Chuka Umunna storms out of ‘ridiculous’ Sky News interview over Muslim letter questions.

Financial Times

Editorial: Libya needs help to step back from the brink.

Editorial: An ever warmer world in conflict with cheaper oil.

Labour to ‘reset’ UK relations with Europe.

Only 1 in 10 believes UK politicians want ‘best for country’. 

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on the State of the Union address: talk big.

Lord Mandelson attacks Ed Miliband’s ‘crude’ mansion tax plans.

System for foreign criminals dysfunctional, say MPs.

Farage says UK will have to consider NHS funded by private insurance. 

The Independent

Editorial: Tax and mend: Fiscal policy can help bridge the divide between North and South.

Editorial: Painful truths: Why have dentists been left out of the healthcare debate?

Kenneth Clarke: Conservative Eurosceptics are undermining Cameron’s attempt at securing EU deal for Britain.

Green party election poster: Natalie Bennet and Caroline Lucas ask party leaders ‘What are you afraid of boys?’

David Cameron says anyone criticising Eric Pickles’ letter to Muslims ‘really has a problem’.

Government accused of acting like ‘far right’ as Eric Pickles says Muslims have ‘more work to do’.

The Mirror

Theresa May slammed by MPs over ‘complete failure’ to deal with foreign criminals.

David Cameron too scared to debate with Nigel Farage AND members of the public, say UKIP. 

The Sun

Editorial: BRITAIN’S Muslims deserve better than the leaders who claim to represent them. ANOTHER bolt shears off the wonky wheels of Labour’s policy car wreck. NO ONE comes out of the kids’ party invoice saga well. But it’s hard not to sympathise with the mum left out of pocket. LEFTIE MP Chris Bryant whines about the success of former public schoolboys like James Blunt in music and movies.

Chuka Umunna storms out of live interview over Eric Pickles letter.

Is Purbeck the only place in UK to escape immigration surge?

‘Privatising some of the NHS only way to save it’.

The Telegraph

Editorial: Britain’s Muslims are only being asked to help.

Drugs, brothels, al Qaeda and the Beyonce tax: the Green Party plan for Britain.

Poverty has been redefined to the point of meaninglessness.

Number of British soldiers with mental illness increases by a third, new figures reveal.

SNP’s home rule ‘would give Scotland £7 billion shortfall’.

The Times

Editorial: Running far too late: driverless trains on the Tube.

Dangerous inmates to be stripped of human rights.

Ukip sacks policy chief after he fails to deliver manifesto.

Big Society dismissed as enormous failure.

UKIP Website

Janice Atkinson MEP questions David Cameron.

Campaign kicks off in Thanet South.



– 1015 LONDON: Summit on tackling child sexual exploitation.

– 1130 LONDON: Chancellor George Osborne gives evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee on further fiscal devolution to Scotland.

– 1130 LONDON: Culture Secretary Sajid Javid gives evidence to the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

– 1130 LONDON: Energy Secretary Ed Davey gives evidence to the Lords Science and Technology Committee on the resilience of the electricity infrastructure.

– 1445 LONDON: Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone gives evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Committee on gangs and youth crime.

– 1530 LONDON: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond gives evidence to the Commons European Scrutiny Committee.

– 1530 LONDON: Members of the independent panel inquiry into child sexual abuse give evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

– 1615 LONDON: Ofsted social care director Debbie Jones gives evidence on the Jay Report into child sexual abuse in Rotherham to the Commons Communities and Local Government Committee.




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