City AM

– UK business uneasy about future of Europe.

– Nothing is more British than our imperfect Europe, says Clegg.

– Cameron and Miliband neck and neck as poll call wins for both.


Daily Telegraph

– EU to scrap ‘best before’ dates to reduce food waste.

– Guilty Hamza will die in US jail.


Daily Express​

– 100 dangerous prisoners are let out every day.

– Ross Clark: This week’s Euro elections are a policy free zone.

– Express cartoon features UKIP.
​Daily Mail

– PM blast ‘appalling‘ UKIP chief.

– Taxpayers’ £10m bill for police union jobs.

– Ed’s minimum wage plan ‘simplistic and political‘ say bosses.

– 62 Labour MPs are employing workers on zero hours contracts.

– Richard Littlejohn: If you really want to know, Ed, look in the mirror… incl mention for UKIP and his pledge to vote UKIP on Thursday.


The Times

– UKIP candidate in scuffle with disabled protester.

– Ann Treneman: An expensive slip of the tongue by Farage may cost his party dear.​

– Editorial cartoon features Nigel Farage.

– David Charter: Europe’s unnoticed election is bad news for the UK.


The Guardian

– David Cameron has reservations about ‘right to be forgotten‘ online.

– Ian Traynor: A Europe united by a sullen political disillusionment.

– Tory Eurosceptics rally behind Cameron.

– Farage remarks branded racist by three senior Labour figures.

– Alexandra Jones: Given the choice of Romanians next door or a one trick UKIP leader I know which I’d pick .

– Charlie Brooker: Among a crowd of political automatons, Nigel Farage is like a wacky neighbour in a sitcom.


The Independent

– ‘Labour just makes empty promises. All I’ve got left is UKIP‘. There’s rising support for Farage on the streets of Labour-run Southampton.

– Right-wing collapse will force Tories into hardline EU alliance.

– Steve Richards: UKIP’s appeal is that it is uncontaminated by power, Farage is the unconstrained outsider with the answers. But his novelty can’t last.


Financial Times

– UKIP sucess to boost Yes vote in Scotland.

– Lib Dems ‘stoic’ as they prepare for losses.

– Greens predict fracking backlash in European vote.


The Sun

– UKIP branches use Brit war graves on leaflets.

Nigel not choice voice.

– Sun Says: Grave offence.


Daily Events

House of Commons

– No business announced


House of Lords

– No business announced



– Inflation figures for April are published by the Office for National Statistics.

Staffing for words

– Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases its house price study for March. ONS 0845 604 1858.

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