Daily Mail
– EU vows to ‘destroy’ human traffickers’ boats.
– Cosy tax deals of the NHS fat cats.
– Iraq war inquiry ‘will not report until 2016.

– Ed Miliband’s love of big business betrays working classes, blasts NIGEL FARAGE.
– SNP’s election ransom.
– David Cameron warns British voters against a Labour and SNP coalition government.

– Vast majority of City would vote for UK to stay in EU.
– Sir John Major: A deal between Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon will cause ‘mayhem’.
– Nigel Farage is fading away without a fight.

– Nigel Farage opposes EU action to tackle migrant deaths in Mediterranean.
– Who is ahead in the polls where you live?
– Farage: Cameron must take some blame for migrant deaths in Mediterranean.

– BBC Stages Eco Debate: Toxic Waste Gushes Forth.
– Working Class Voters Eyeing UKIP As Polling Tips Surprise Northern England Wins.
– Farage Faces ‘Biggest Political Challenge’ As Thanet Becomes Most Contested Seat Ever.

The Spectator
– Cautious Miliband doesn’t want to talk about borrowing.
– The tension in Labour’s energy policy between prices and decarbonisation.
– Is the election site May 2015 really as ‘unaligned’ as it claims?

– Rupert Murdoch berated Sun journalists for not doing enough to attack Ed Miliband and stop him getting to No 10.
– Tory candidates’ election tweets not as ‘spontaneous’ as they appear.

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