YouGov/Sun final voting intention poll of the year tonight has Lab 4 ahead. LAB 36%, CON 32%, UKIP 16%, LDEM 6%, GRN 5%.

City A.M.

– Saudi Arabia oil minister Ali al-Naimi: We won’t cut production to prop up prices

– UK immigration: Campaigners say home secretary’s plan to send foreign students home will hinder scientific progress

Labour support in Scotland falls to half that of the SNP

Daily Mail

Editorial: David Miliband faces new torture questions

VIP child abuse whistleblowers were ‘murdered’: MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

Now they censor the names of the dead: Fury as officials hide identity of victim in care home scandal

Record £6billion blitz to fill Britain’s 18million potholes: Money set to end ‘patch and mend’ approach of councils

The Express

Boris Johnson reveals his Tory leadership plans

Bid to ban EU migrants claiming benefits for children living abroad

Slow ambulances put thousands of lives in danger every MONTH

Coalition’s £50m taxpayer-funded bill for travelling first class

Financial Times

Editorial: May’s curb on foreign students is misguided

Cameron offers Northern Ireland ‘generous’ package

Polls point to most unpredictable UK general election in decades

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on high-end science in the National Health Service

Editorial: The Guardian view on Tory leadership plotting

Gay donkey rapists and other oddities: how Ukip keeps going off-message

Tory Francis Maude says NHS reforms hinge on inclusion of private firms

The Independent

Editorial: Bad policy, good politics: Ed Balls’s determination to impose his mansion tax as soon as he can puts the Conservatives in a bind

More than one million British families now live in fuel poverty

– Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy: I need £1m to fight rise of the SNP

Child abuse inquiry must ‘investigate historic murders of men with child abuse evidence

The Sun

Editorial: JOHN Lewis is a British success of which we can be proud. A THIRD of Brits agree with Nigel Farage that it is okay to use words such as “poofter” and “chinky”. The tragedy in Glasgow is a devastating end to a triumphant year for the city. IF it’s true North Koreans trained here were behind the Sony hack attack, does that mean we’re now a pal of Kim Jong-un?

Dad fury at nativity play baby ban

TOP MP yesterday claimed the Government is sabotaging the VIP child abuse probe to protect “high-profile figures”

The Telegraph

Editorial: North Korea’s threats are dangerous, but its unpredictability is worse

Editorial: Compassion, not targets, is the key to basic care

Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam seat ‘targeted’ by Labour to halt deal

Only one thing is certain in 2015: no one knows who’s going to win

The Times

Editorial: Only an untainted figure can expose our darkest secrets

Third attack on French pedestrians in three days

Free police from secrecy clause to help paedophile inquiry, says MP

Westminster’s shattering glass roof will cost taxpayer £500,000 to fix

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