Online petition launched demanding a Voice for England.
Don’t let Labour Balls Up the Economy.
– Douglas Carswell hails UKIP Public Meeting in Clacton as breakthrough for ‘People’s Politics’ as all 700 tickets taken up within 24 hours.

City A.M.
Cost of living crisis myths: How Miliband could deliver a real pro-poor agenda.
How Labour will transform politics – and public services – by devolving more powers to London.
Miliband to tax mansions to fund new NHS splurge.
Obama and US Treasury announce new rules to end tax inversion deals.

Daily Mail
Tesco chief handed £1m payoff just a week before the scandal: So how much did suspended bosses know of profit rigging?
‘I need 10 years in power to turn Britain around’: Ed Miliband puts the NHS and higher taxes on the rich at centre of decade-long ‘national mission’.
My mansion tax will save NHS, says Ed Balls…as he finally says sorry over immigration and not regulating the banks.
English home rule can’t be ignored, says Harman as Ed Miliband faces revolt over refusal to back ‘English votes for English laws’.

The Express
– Ukip pledge: No more inheritance tax.
Ed Miliband to make passionate speech declaring his goal of becoming PM for a DECADE.
‘I’ll swerve around that’ Labour snub crucial EU referendum question at party conference.
‘We should put our hands up’ Ed Balls in grovelling apology for Labour’s list of failures keep.

Financial Times
– Fifth of primary schools set to fail basic standards.
– Poverty pushes regional-government-unequal-UK.

The Guardian
Ed Miliband: tax on tobacco giants will boost NHS.
SNP poised to become one of UK’s largest political parties.
Ed Miliband comes under pressure to back Britain in/out referendum on EU.
Regional government in an unequal country.

The Independent
Labour MPs call for end to delay on reform of constitution.
– Q&A: How would ‘English votes for English laws’ work?
Ed Balls offers stronger support for London airport expansion.

The Sun
Ed Miliband wants to take 5% pay cut now.
PM’s frack push.
Scots’ cash slashed under PM’s English home rule plans.
Red Ed’s 10 year plan.

The Telegraph
Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie agrees to £5,000 overdraft facility.
Yet more evidence that Labour can’t be trusted.
Why a win at Chequers could see David Cameron returning to No. 10.
– Alice Gross: How European Union countries are fighting tighter criminal records checks at our border.
Expect more migration from eurozone, says EU Commissioner.

The Times
Labour will levy £2m mansion tax to fund NHS.
Cameron to cut public funds for Scotland.
25,000 paedophiles identified — but most will never be caught.
Doubts over evidence of Joyce Thacker, former childcare chief at Rotherham.
Labour urged to get out of comfort zone and talk about mass migration.

House of Commons
– N/A

House of Lords
– N/A

European Parliament
– The President’s diary
15:00, Meeting with Pedro Passos Coelho, Prime Minister of Portugal
16:00, Visit to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and European Maritime Safety Agency (ESMA)
– Parliamentary Committees
09:00 – 18:30 Committee on Foreign Affairs
10:00 – 18:30 Committee on Development
09:00 – 18:30 Budgetary Control Commdiary
12:30 – 18:30 Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
09:00 – 12:30 Committee on Regional Development
09:00 – 18:30 Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
09:00 – 18:30 Committee on Fisheries

– NEW YORK: David Cameron to attend UN General Assembly.
– 0930 LONDON: Public sector borrowing figures for August are published by the Office for National Statistics.

Local News
UKIP announce Torbay candidate.
Conservative Graham Dawson defects to UKIP in Tewkesbury.

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