Sky News
– PM Accused Of ‘Incompetence‘ In Secret Tapes. In a leaked foul-mouthed conversation, Polish politicians accuse David Cameron of failing to understand Europe (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian).
City AM
Balls unveils Mansion Tax and promises to hit the rich hardest (also in The Times).
– Andy Silvester: A northern powerhouse: The devil will be in the detail of Osborne’s plans.

Daily Telegraph

More tax on savers than sinners (also in Daily Mail, The Times).

Sham marriages ‘double in four years’.

– Forces ‘need strengthening‘ to cope with threat from jihadists .

European students fail to pat back £38m in loans from the British taxpayer.
Daily Express
150 new EU laws ruining Britain incl comment from Nigel Farage MEP and Tim Aker MEP.
Daily Mail
– Hunt: 1 in 5 hospitals hiding blunders (also in The Guardian).
– Osborne tells the North: You need mayors like Boris (also in The Independent).
– Max Hastings: What savage irony: This week at Ypres, the town where so many Britons died battling German domination, the EU will hand its top job to an arch-federalist.
– Mention for UKIP in Richard Littlejohn’s column: Chucky Umunna is no Barack Obama.
The Times
Workers are producing less, Labour claims.
Cameron may drop ‘L-bomb‘ in last-ditch bid to block Juncker.
The Guardian
– US urges NATO states to raise defence spending to counter Russia
The Independent
Financial Times
– Labour in attack on outsourced contracts. Push for ‘living wage’ guarantees. 
House of Commons
– Public Administration Select Committee. Accountability of Quangos and Public Bodies
– Treasury Select Committee. Bank of England May 2014 Inflation Report
– Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.  Small nuclear power
– Education Select Committee. Academies and free schools
– Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. Future of the BBC
– Defence Select Committee. Towards the Next Defence and Security Review: Part Two
– Home Affairs Select Committee. The work of the Immigration Directorates (2013 Q4)
House of Lords
–  Economic and Financial Affairs (EU Sub-Committee A): evidence will be heard on Enhanced Scrutiny of the draft 2015 EU Budget from Nadia Calviño, Director General, DG Budget (BUDG), European Commission and Silvano Presa, Director, Expenditure, DG Budget (BUDG), European Commission

– Debate. The constitutional future of Scotland in the light of the referendum on 18 September
– Debate. Constitution Committee report on the constitutional implications of Scottish independence for the rest of the UK

–  LONDON: Living Wage Commission due to launch final report. Examining the case for a Living Wage of £8.80 an hour in London and £7.65 outside the capital

– British Bankers’ Association (BBA) releases its latest high street banking report.
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