City A.M.
– UK properties: Environment Agency warns 7,000 houses could be lost on coastline because of rising sea level

– Stuart Hosie say SNP and Labour alliance would be a positive step if it stops David Cameron coming into power again

Why “Generation Y” could swing the general election

– UK house prices: Housebuilding won’t meet demand, so will 2015 lead to a worsening supply shortage?

Daily Mail
Editorial: Guilty silence on the UK’s role in torture

47,000 Bulgarians and Romanians enter UK in a year: Number who now live here has increased fivefold in last eight years

Prescription fraud costs NHS £237million: Concerns patients are pretending to be unemployed or have a long-term illness to avoid paying for medication

How did TWO screenings fail to spot virus? UK nurse screened in both Sierra Leone and London but symptoms were not picked up

The Express
Editorial: Jose Manuel Barroso’s wrong about why Britons want to leave EU

Ed Miliband in rift with party election chief Douglas Alexander

– Iain Duncan Smith: ‘We’ll root out the benefits cheats who pretend to be ill for money’

Union flag to printed on British driving licences 

House prices to soar next year with new pension rules

Financial Times
Editorial: A new deal for the euro must go far beyond QE

Romanian and Bulgarian migrant numbers remain steady

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view of the poll tax papers: judgment on Oliver Letwin

Editorials: The Guardian view on snap elections in Greece 

British workers may wait a decade for wages to recover, says TUC boss

More than 400,000 schoolchildren being taught by unqualified teachers

The Independent
– Ukip green policy: Climate change ‘open to question’ says energy spokesman Roger Helmer

David Cameron will trigger Tory civil war with a General Election win, senior party figures warn

Minister ‘chuffed’ with success of Britain’s railways, despite delays

The Sun
Editorial: AFTER the misery heaped on rail users last week, and with yet more fare rises this week, the lavish pay and perks for Network Rail’s fatcats are a national scandal. WE’RE facing a four-month bombardment of party political propaganda. One bit of Labour guff can be dismissed right away. T is hard to believe, but British law has for once triumphed over the European Convention on Human Rights.

Blunder bosses grab 75% fare discounts while passengers face chaos on the railway

TWO foreign crooks are due to be deported after judges over-ruled hated human rights laws

THE toffs at the heart of Labour have been exposed by a posh mag.

Scandal of 3,000 ops cut in just two weeks

POSH councils were last night slammed by an MP for failing to house asylum seekers, leaving poorer areas to take the strain.

The Telegraph
Editorial: Desperate Lib Dems won’t fool the voters

Number of Romanians and Bulgarians not in work increases 15 fold in eight years

Margaret Thatcher conducted covert war against BBC 

Theresa May still favourite to be next Tory leader among party faithful, poll finds

The Times
Editorial: If Greece derails the euro, it will be Germany’s fault

BBC ditches documentary on royal ‘spin’ that followed Diana’s death

Let us campaign against Europe, ministers urge PM

Jeb Bush is frontrunner for Republican 2016 race

Labour revolt after Miliband calls in election consultants

– LONDON: MP Eric Joyce in court charged with assault and criminal damage.
– 1700: Nationwide Building Society releases its December house price study and its regional report for the fourth quarter.

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