YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by five points: CON 31%, LAB 36%, LD 7%, UKIP 16%

UKIP Economics spokesman Patrick O’Flynn MEP responds to George Osborne’s speech.

City A.M.
Beware the unintended consequences of hiking the minimum wage.
Gutsy Osborne was right to gamble on a promise of further spending cuts.
Boris Johnson: Don’t savage London powerhouse – Tory party conference.

Daily Mail
MPs’ expenses: A new cover-up as watchdog wants names of suspected cheats kept secret to save them from ‘reputational damage’.
I’ll silence the preachers of hate, vows May: Home Secretary will ban extremists from speaking in public or spreading poison on social media.
GPs will be available seven days a week by 2020, promises Cameron: PM to unveil revolution that will allow busy patients to fit in appointments around world and childcare.
‘UKIP defectors are the sort of people who have sex with vacuum cleaners’: Boris comes to Cameron’s rescue with extraordinary attack on the ‘quitters, the splitters, the kippers’ undermining Tories.

The Express
GP surgeries to open 7 days a week.
White Dee tells ‘out of touch’ Tories she’ll vote Ukip.

The Guardian
George Osborne aims at tax credits and benefits in new squeeze on working class.
Theresa May plans new powers to ban extremists from TV appearances.
David Cameron: schools should teach mainly in imperial measurements.
What the Tories don’t say about the deficit.
Duncan Smith outlines plans for prepaid benefits cards in place of cash.
Rochester and Strood digests Reckless defection and gears up for by-election.
What is the ‘Google tax’?

The Independent
David Davis warns of risks in joining ‘limitless’ war and falling into Isis trap.
George Osborne inspired the Tory faithful, but will he ever be leader?
Cameron planning seven-day GP access for patients.

The Sun
Brits liken David Cameron to scaly reptile for third year in a row.
Midwives vote to strike for first time in pay row.
BoJo’s ex-No2 set to defect.
Tory MPs allowed to campaign for Britain to leave the EU.
Tories planning to ‘throw kitchen sink’ at Reckless by-election.

The Telegraph
The RAF is too run-down for the campaign against Islamic State.
George Osborne forgot something important in his speech, too.
George Osborne: at last, a politician who dares to tell the truth.

The Times
Cameron tells GPs to work at weekends.
Stay out of Europe, former Tory minister John Redwood tells business.
Leave war to military, PM told.

– BIRMINGHAM: Conservative Party Conference.

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