YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour and Tories tied: CON 35%, LAB 35%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 5%


Ukip is the only party that offers a real alternative, says NIGEL FARAGE.
Is the QUEEN a UKIP supporter? ‘Her Majesty’ spotted canvassing for Nigel Farage’s party. 

Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron line up for the great debate.
Election 2015: UKIP reveals five key pledges for Britain.
Labour’s business drive in tatters after top firms complained at election advert.
Benefits are to BLAME: Cut welfare in Britain to END migrant influx, demands Calais mayor.



City A.M.
Dianne Abbott brands £5 “con­trols on immigration” mug “shameful” – but it is a Labour pledge.
Ignore Brexit scaremongers: We will thrive outside the EU if Britain embraces free trade. 

Daily Mail
Editorial: Show us the Tories can finish the job.
Binge drinking costs Britain £4.9bn every year due to treating drunks in A&E, road crashes, arrests and court cases.
After Mail exposes trade in sensitive pension details… Now they are selling your health secrets.
After Mail revelations, Cameron leads the backlash: PM and privacy watchdog vow the sharks won’t get away with ‘theft’.
‘We’ll create a job for everyone that wants one’: Cameron pledges to create highest employment rate in developed world in exclusive interview with the Mail.

Financial Times
Editorial: Some welcome trends on UK immigration.
Nick Clegg set to exact steep price for backing EU referendum.
Miliband faces dilemma over chancellor choice. 

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on Greece and the eurozone: time for realism and compromise.
Editorial: The Guardian view on election 2015: it really matters.
Lib Dems pledge £2bn extra funding for mental health.
Labour dismisses row about campaign ad featuring business leaders’ quotes.

The Independent

Israel should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi, Ukip candidate says.
Plaid Cymru: We will unleash our economic potential in the event of a hung parliament.
Give all Isis sympathisers a free flight to Syria and you’ve solved the problem, says Ukip candidate.
General Election 2015: No room for the word ‘immigration’ on Nigel Farage’s five-point pledge card but plenty of room for his face.

The Mirror
Train tickets would be 10% cheaper if rail networks were run by public sector.
Christopher Gillibrand: UKIP candidate is vice-president of far-right group which said Doreen Lawrence should ‘go home’.

The Sun
Number of job-hunting migrants to UK falls 16% under Coalition.
Britain locked in a ‘technology arms race’, new MI6 chief warns.
Carswell snubs Ukip election launch.

The Telegraph
Editorial: We must not be scared of pension reform.
General Election 2015: Nigel Farage and Ukip on the campaign trail.
Boost for David Cameron as he avoids Nigel Farage in seven way debate.
Nigel Farage discloses secret talks with Conservative MPs about hung Parliament.

The Times
Editorial: Train companies mustn’t get away with ripping us off.
Miliband faces threat of mutiny over cuts.
Ukip’s Core Base: Can Cameron Win it Back?
Cameron admits £3,000 Labour tax claim was a guess.

UKIP Website
UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn has accused Cameron and Clegg of preparing for a “rigged referendum” on EU membership.
UKIP’s pledge to Britain.
UKIP launches our pledge to Britain.
UKIP backs General Sir Richard Dannatt’s comments that it is dangerous to ignore defence issues.
– 0915 LONDON: Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt visits Hindu temple to talk about language education.
– 1100 LONDON: Institute for Government briefing on coalition formation.
– 1200 LONDON: Left Unity manifesto launch.

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