YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by two: CON 33, LAB 35, LD 7, UKIP 14, GRN 6

City A.M.
Greece-Eurozone standoff presents “greatest risk to economy” George Osborne warns as Yanis Varoufakis visits London.
HMRC to fine 890,000 people for missing self-assessment deadline.

Daily Mail
Editorial: Red Ed should listen to those who know.
Outdoor smoking ban starts in Bristol: City becomes first in the UK to introduce zones in popular squares after six in ten locals were in favour of the idea.
Mother who pays £130 a month to drive autistic son to school because council refuses to foot bill hits out at ‘unfair system’ after learning multi-millionaire Katie Price gets free lifts for son Harvey.

The Express
Editorial: Heartwarming response to a pensioner’s distress.
Scottish MPs to be BANNED from voting on English tax if Tories win election.
Fury as Gordon Brown demands Scots be given MORE benefits and pensions than rest of UK.
Fury as MPs RULE OUT cuts to foreign aid despite fall in global poverty level.
Red-faced moment Nicky Morgan ducks math question while demanding children know timetables.

Financial Times
Editorial: Athens plots a daring escape from the troika.
MPs sounds alarm over NHS finances.
Health advances using ‘big data’ at risk, ministers warned.
Most Tory activists want EU exit, poll finds.

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on tuition fees: Labour may pay the price.
Editorial: The Guardian view on mitochondrial therapy: MPs should vote for hope.
David Cameron defends flag tributes to late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
Union leader attacks ‘Blairite retreads’ who criticise Ed Miliband.
Thatcher stopped Peter Hayman being named as paedophile-link civil servant.
Labour’s advocates of NHS privatization.
Reality check: is David Cameron promising schools more cash or less?

The Independent
Editorial: Off the beat: Rising complaints are another black mark for the police.
Government told to make it easier to opt out of care-data database.
Tories to consider making pensioners opt in on winter fuel allowance.
Government costcutting plans will mean stricter measures for benefit claimants.

The Mirror
Energy watchdog: ‘Save cash for fuel bills by taking a packed lunch to work’.
Tories to slash school spending with Cameron to freeze cash for 10 YEARS.
The 21 tycoon donors who bankroll the toff Tory party machine.
Coalition minister at centre of abuse claims insists ‘I did NOT drug a boy for sex’.
Forget Europe, here are three policies that young voters actually care about.

The Sun
Editorial: DAVID Cameron today promises to ramp up the number of schools taken over by super-heads and turned into academies. NEWS of atrocities by Islamic extremists can seem relentlessly depressing and downright terrifying. PRICE comparison firms have shot themselves in the foot. Again. HARD luck to Andy Murray for losing to Novak Djokovic in the Aussie Open for the third time in five years.
Tory MPs warn Hague over devolution plans.
LABOUR may lose 20 seats to UKip because Ed Miliband has alienated so much of the party’s working class support, his former friend and local mayor has claimed.

The Telegraph
Editorial: The war on Michael Gove.
William Hague: England will set its own income tax rates.
Broadband should be considered ‘fundamental right’, Tory MP says.
Labour: Three year tenancies and rent control.

The Times
University chiefs scorn Miliband’s fees policy.
Taxman targets doctors and lawyers in drive against wealthy middle class.
Probation watchdog chief resigns after wife wins top promotion.


– 0900: Boris Johnson on LBC radio.
– 0900 LONDON: Ed Balls and Lord Adonis discuss recommendations of Armitt review on infrastructure investment.
– 1230 WESTMINSTER: Chancellor George Osborne meets New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at Number 11.
– 1230 LONDON: Sir Nick Harvey launches report on the experience of coalition, with response from David Willetts.
– 1400 LONDON: Cross-party group of politicians to hand a letter to Number 10. Residents of Heathrow villages will have their homes demolished if a new third runway is built.

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