City AM

UK to goldplate new Forex rules.

– Nina Schick: The undemocratic EU experiment that could push the UK to the exit.


Daily Telegraph

– Curb Help to Buy and end property boom, says Brussels.

– Labour to block criminals’ rights appeals to Europe (no link available)

– Cameron’s jibe at Juncker, the politician ‘no one’s heard of’ (no link available)

​ – Force-feeding baby killer cannot be deported under European law.

– Benedict Brogan: The earthquake is over, but the Tories are still on shaky ground


Daily Express

– Polls show Tories on course to beat UKIP by-election challenge. (also in Daily Mail)

Quitting EU will hurt Britain, says Blair.

Millions wasted on half-empty planes to fly illegals home incl. comment from Gerard Batten MEP.

​ – Ross Clark: Blair’s new views on EU against what he stood for.


Daily Mail

Brussels tells UK to increase taxes (also in The Times).

Scotland should get income tax powers, say Tories.

– Anger as Blair says migrants don’t affect Britons’ job prospects.


The Times

– Rachel Sylvester: Let’s cut our comic-book leaders down to size.


The Guardian

EU’s looming migrant tragedy.

Cameron in fresh clash with Merkel over ‘consensus’ on EU’s top job.

– Labour MP calls on party to be more explicit on EU migration. John Denham claims Labour should be open that a reduction in EU migrants is the purpose of Labour migration policy.


The Independent

– Making plans with Nigel: new faces of UKIP to challenge one-man band claims.

– Childcare the battleground as parties compete for the working parents’ vote.

– Mats Perssson: What must the EU do to survive? Scrap the CAP and ditch the Euro.

– Grace Dent: First the Baby Boomers spent our legacy. Now they have the temerity to vote UKIP and blame immigrants for our poverty (no link available)


Financial Times

– Tory leader acts to deliver his party from Caledonian political wilderness.

– Conservative EU rebels prepare to defy Cameron.

– Janan Ganesh: Ukip has exposed the tension in Tory soul.


The Sun

Scots’ tax break will rile English warns MP.


Daily Events House of Commons

– No business announced for today

House of Lords

– No business announced for today



-Nato defence ministers meeting in Brussels. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond will join counterparts for discussions on Ukraine, Afghanistan.

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