YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by one: CON 33%, LAB 34%, LD 8%, UKIP 15%, GRN 5%

City A.M.

– The UK desperately needs a free trade alternative to costly EU membership.

– As taxpayers receive personal tax statements, will greater transparency help to reform the system?

Daily Mail

– Twitter and Facebook are helping terrorists says new GCHQ chief: Fanatics using social media as ‘command and control networks’.

The Express

– Parliament officials accused of fresh expenses cover-up after paperwork is destroyed.

– No benefits for migrants! New call to crack down on handouts.

– GP crisis looms as surgeries may shut.

– Cross Bencher: Cameron ally backs Boris as Tory leader.

– Tories to tackle tax finally, acknowledges NEIL HAMILTON.

Financial Times

– North gives cautious welcome to English devolution.

– Osborne seeks rule change over £1.7bn bill.

– Tory focus on migration fails to stop Ukip.

The Guardian

– Dear Ms Morgan: PM’s school advisers idea is stolen from ‘loony lefties’.

– DWP orders man to work without pay for company that let him go.

– UK aid investments target tax havens.

The Independent

– Half of English fishing quotas controlled by overseas firms.

– Norman Baker: I resign – and it’s Theresa May’s fault.

– UK threatened with £42m fine for missing £1.7bn EU surcharge deadline.

The Sun

– ‘Ban docs for dodgy English’.

– May says sorry for inquiry shambles.

– White Dee: I agree with benefits cuts.

The Telegraph

– MPs’ expenses: history in the shredder.

– We can’t ignore threat of Ukip, senior shadow Cabinet minister Tristram Hunt says.

– This tax transparency raises a question: how wisely is it spent?  ​

The Times

– Virtual IDs for everyone.

– Save us from becoming a migrant ghetto, pleads Calais.

– Brussels to offer compromise over its £1.7bn bill for Britain.

– Labour support hits new low in latest blow for Miliband.


– Firefighters strike. Final day of four day strike by FBU members in England over pensions.

– 1530 LONDON: Elizabeth Truss speech to Policy Exchange setting out her vision for the environment.

– 2000 LONDON: Nick Clegg takes questions live on BBC3’s Free Speech. York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ.

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