YouGov/Sun poll – Lib Dems on 6 points, equaling their lowest score to date: CON 34%, LAB 38%, LD 6%, UKIP 13%

The Telegraph

– Nick Clegg: David Cameron has ditched his immigration target.

– Can we trust Whitehall with all our personal details?

– Move border checks back to Britain, say French politicians amid new Calais migrants crisis.

The Express

– Migrant clearout in Calais called off by French police after gang violence.

– Rise in older workers sparks call to overhaul pensions and benefits.

– ‘Disrespectful’: Ed Miliband under fire for ‘awful’ message on poppy wreath.

– Britain ‘should plan for sending troops to Libya’.

The Sun

– Jobs miracle exposed as taxpayers prop up struggling workers.

– Council fat cats paid more than Cameron251 paper pushers get more than PM’s £142,500 salary​.

– Northern cities could get tax breaks to help compete with London.

– Labour peer: Charge patients £200 every time they see a GP.

– French plot to dump 2,000 migrants on UK.

The Independant

– More than 2,000 council staff earn £100,000 or more.

– Nick Clegg accuses Tories of abandoning immigration pledges.

– John Vine interview: What’s gone wrong with immigration – by a man who should know.

– Britain ‘facing lost decade of economic growth’.

– Number of people in work claiming housing benefit soars.

The Guardian

– Lady Warsi resigns over government stance on Gaza.

– How Michael Gove’s reforms drove me out of teaching.

– East coast mainline pays taxpayers £1bn sparking fresh reprivatisation fury.

– Scotland promised extra tax and legal powers for referendum no vote.

Daily Mail

– Calais immigration chief’s plans to solve border crisis? Free ferry tickets to Britain and move the French boundary to Dover​.

– Tories have quietly dropped pledge to cut migration below 100,000, crows Nick Clegg in swipe at David Cameron.

– Rail commuters are hit by up to 40,000 bogus parking fines: ‘Pirates’ accused of demanding money from commuters using the wrong law.

The Times

– Miliband not trusted to run the economy.

– Number of working people on housing benefit set to double.

House of Commons

– 10.15am Scottish Affairs Subject: The Referendum on Separation for Scotland

– 2pm Scottish Affairs Subject: Land Reform in Scotland


Other Events

– 2000 GLASGOW: Independence referendum TV debate. The first TV debate of the campaign between First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together leader Alistair Darling. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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