First YouGov/Sun poll of 2015 – Labour lead by three, Lib Dems in fifth place: CON 31%, LAB 34%, LD 7%, UKIP 14%, GRN 8%

City A.M.

Oil prices sink below $50 a barrel as petrol costs tumble.
– Businesses at war: CBI under fire.
Balls hits out at “dodgy dossier”. 

Daily Mail

Editorial: A dismal glimpse of the months to come.
– Now Calais migrants threaten imports of fruit and vegetables: Entire truckload is destroyed if illegal migrant is found inside. 
At last, we can kick out foreign convicts BEFORE they appeal in a new ‘deport first, appeal later’ regime.
£1,200 bill for EVERY family! Osborne rips into Ed’s plans: Chancellor suggests Labour has already made £21bn of unfunded spending pledges ahead of the election.
‘Pillock’ BBC reporter told to ‘get back to London’ by Labour supporters after challenging Miliband on NHS… and it’s only day one of the election campaign.
Have we REALLY got five months of mudslinging, asks weary Clegg as poll shows just 1 in 6 voters think politicians tell the truth. 

The Express

Ed Miliband ridiculed for election pledge to have ‘conversation’ with FOUR MILLION voters.
Passengers facing more rail misery and higher fares after Christmas break.

Financial Times

Editorial: Greece should not play chicken with the euro.
Merkel visit to lay out extent of help on EU.
Data cast doubt on Andy Burnham’s NHS privatisation claims.
Labour attacks Tory claims of £21bn spending hole as ‘made up’.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on the euro: running out of road
Editorial: The Guardian view on Labour’s campaign launch: the NHS could help Ed Miliband find a voice.
Nick Clegg vows to spend £8bn extra on NHS.
European commission set to reject David Cameron’s migration demands.
Nick Clegg threatens government with defeat on counter-terrorism bill.

The Independent

Cancer to cause ‘crisis of unmanageable proportions’ for NHS as survival rate soars.
David Miliband again refuses to rule out a return to British politics.
Migrants detained for up to five years in ‘UK Guantanamo Bay’, Home Office figures show.
NHS crisis: Five hospitals declare ‘major incidents’ over surge in Accident and Emergency demand.

The Mirror

General election 2015: Everything you need to know as Miliband, Cameron, Clegg and Farage prepare for battle.
UKIP councillor ‘tried to boost party performance by submitting forms filled with forged signatures’.

The Sun

Editorial: LARDBUCKETS Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe are a poster couple for Britain’s still absurdly generous benefits system.  THE bleak reality of governing with no money suddenly bit Labour yesterday, months before Britain goes to the polls. LAST time we
Lib Dems start election year in fifth place.
Former Tory minister plunged into race row.
General Election 2015 already shaping up to be dirtiest ever.
NIGEL Farage downs a pint of orange juice yesterday as he stands in front of a Sun poster urging landlords not to serve him booze.

The Telegraph

Editorial: The Hoegh Osaka is a neat symbol of Britain’s trade relationship with Europe – and Germany in particular.
Editorial: Labour’s election campaign is on the back foot already.
David Cameron and Angela Merkel: a love-hate relationship.
– Nick Robinson: Russell Brand’s anti-voting plea could undermine democracy.
Tories won’t rule out slashing schools budget, photographed briefing document reveals.
Ed Balls forced to admit Labour could cut £5billion in first year of Government. 

The Times

Editorial: Don’t keep us in the dark about cows that never see light.
Mansion tax to pay for 1,000 nurses in Scotland.
Funding gap means bigger tax bills for poor families.
Illegal immigrant with forged passport worked in Commons.
£6bn road fund will not cover pothole repair backlog, warn councils.

– 0930: Bank of England releases its credit conditions survey for the fourth quarter of 2014.

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