City A.M.
General Election 2015: Nicola Sturgeon vows the SNP will block a raise of the state pension age in the UK.
Chancellor says Labour raised taxes by £2,000.

Daily Mail
I was trafficked by Westminster sex abuse ring: Victim claims he was attacked in children’s home, gay brothel and luxury London flats. 
The generation giving up on buying their own home: High prices and poor pay rises mean just four in ten renters aged under 45 are now saving for a deposit.
Never mind the doom-mongers! Earth is greener than 10 years ago: Total amount of vegetation found to have increased significantly over past decade.

The Express
Editorial: Labour in power would leave us all out of pocket.
Ukip celebrate a political coup as another Tory defects to Nigel Farage’s party.
Labour and SNP would bankrupt the UK, blasts Tory chief whip Michael Gove.

Financial Times
Editorial: Greece falling short of final debt deal.
Blair warns of ‘risk’ to business with Tories’ European policy.
Labour and Tories trade blows over plans for ‘secret’ tax rises.
NHS faces bigger than expected financial ‘black hole’.

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on education: a system in flux.
Editorial: The Guardian view of the 2015 election in Wales: another country.
Labour health spokesman says party does not owe Nicola Sturgeon apology.
Ed Miliband: I’d defend the licence fee (but don’t ask me to watch BBC news).
David Cameron urges Conservative defectors to Ukip to vote for Tories.

The Independent
Labour launches attack on Tories over NHS waiting times.
Nigel Farage on the NHS: Half of voters agrees that HIV patients cost UK too much money.

The Mirror
David Cameron eats hot dog using knife and fork in awkward bid to avoid ‘bacon sandwich’ blunder.
David Cameron GP crisis legacy as access to a doctor pledge lies in tatters.

The Sun
Ukip is U-slip as Farage loses 1 in 4 voters.
Nic and Len unite to push Ed further left.
UK pays a fifth of EU VAT total.

The Telegraph
Editorial: It’s time for Ukip voters to ‘come home’ to the Tories.
What Ed Miliband’s team really thinks about Tony Blair.
Tories warn of Labour tax increases. 

The Times
Editorial: This garden bridge will bloom for corporate London.
Protect our forces from human rights law, say ex-defence chiefs.
We cannot keep Isis out if EU keeps bullying us, says Greece.
£1.2bn project to boost emergency services’ mobiles ‘puts lives at risk’.

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