YouGov/Sun poll: CON 31%, LAB 36%, LD 8%, UKIP 16%
 Ashcroft National Poll: Con 28%, Lab 35%, Lib Dem 8%, UKIP 18%, Green 6%


City A.M.
– EU bonus cap troubles: UK gave out the world’s biggest bonuses in 2013.
Labour’s faulty rent control plans reflect the shallowness of UK politics today. 
EU puts new Russia sanctions on hold in hope ceasefire survives. 
Nick Clegg rules out London air expansion plans. 
Treasury calls on EU to stop red tape torrent.


Daily Mail
– Fast track for TV licence revolution: Move to scrap jail threat for evaders ‘begins in days’. 
– Adult children staying at home for an easy life: 84% of parents say that they still do cooking and laundry for their offspring. 
– The golden generation: Those born in 1940s retire with cash to spare. But today’s young face a struggle.
Labour vows to make it EASIER for staff to sue their employers: Business leaders accuse party of burdening them after they announce plans to introduce means testing.
Workers ‘should be given priority over the old’ in treatment for depression: It would cut £100bn sick day bill says chief medical officer.
Girl guides venture into the political jungle: Movement calls for school lessons in ‘body confidence’ and equal numbers of men and women in Parliament in first manifesto.


The Express
The Government made more than £12MILLION from families during summer passport crisis. 
‘Barbaric’ Islamic State terrorists have already attempted SIX attacks in Europe.
Outrage as Romanian lorry driver who hit pensioner gets just £73 fine.
Now EU bureaucrats tell us we can’t eat TOAST.


Financial Times
Trades Union Congress leader warns on years of austerity.
Think-tank raises concerns on costs of universal credit.
Cameron urged to give new powers to English city-regions.


The Guardian
– Scottish independence: No camp sends for Brown as polls tighten. 
Fracking is a toxic issue for Conservative party grassroots.
– TUC congress: We are heading for a Downton Abbey-style society.
UK to reveal strategy for climate change talks.


The Independent
– Liberal Democrats launch election manifesto: Decriminalise all drugs and tax the rich.
General Election 2015: Labour considering ‘ministers for issues’.
Alistair Darling insists pregnancy news will have no impact on Scottish Independence vote.


The Sun
Head of Rotherham Council quits.
Trade unions receive £100million a year ‘taxpayer subsidy’. 
Only one in five Brits trust the Tories to act on immigration controls.
Lags getting longest sentences in 20 years.
Almost a third of voters believe PM should resign if Scots vote Yes.
MP’s saucy selfie wife may run for Parliament.
Brit troops heading to Sierra Leone to help tackle Ebola.


The Telegraph
Girl Guides chief: ‘Cameron, Clegg and Miliband – we’re coming for you’.
The Bullingdon is the least of our problems.
No need for Britain to fear leaving EU, say economists.
Scottish independence: The Queen is urged to intervene.
Nigel Evans reselected to stand as Tory candidate.


The Times
Britain to join Iraq airstrikes ‘in weeks’.
E-cigarette debate heats up in online war of words.
Golden age revealed for those who retired in the past decade.
Rotherham council chief and officer ‘discussed grooming crisis’.


House of Commons
– 11:30am – Main Chamber, High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill

– 3:00pm – The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, Child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming​ (Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner)


House of Lords
– 10:00am – Room 2, Palace of Westminster
External Affairs (EU Sub-Committee C)
EU and Russia – (at 10.05am)

– 11:00am – Room 3A, Palace of Westminster
Economic and Financial Affairs (EU Sub-Committee A)
Review of the EU Financial Regulatory Framework – (at 11.05am)

– 2:00pm – Room 2, Palace of Westminster
European Union
Private meeting
European Parliament
– Tuesday 09-09-2014 – 09:45 – 20:00  The President’s diary
– 14:30 – 15:00  GUE/NGL delegation returns from Palestine and Israel

– 0900 LONDON: CBI Education Conference.
– 0930 LIVERPOOL: TUCongress.


Local News
Councillors to vote on future of cabinet system.
​- UKIP election hopeful up for second attempt.

Clacton Conservatives Say They’ll Vote UKIP after Matthew Parris Comments.

Isle of Wight 31st most UKIP-friendly Conservative seat in country says Uni research.

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