YouGov/Sun poll:  CON 33%, LAB 39%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%


The Telegraph


– Warnings over lengthening waits for prostate cancer patients.

– Give volunteers £100 off their council tax bills, say local authorities.

– Britons would each be £6,000 better off if more children went to private school, says thinktank.

– Ed Miliband’s policies are a ‘steaming pile of fudge’, says Damian McBride.

– David Cameron announces immigration crackdown.

– David Cameron’s demotion of Leader of the Lords ‘breaks the mould of British history’.

– David Ruffley to quit at next election.

– Foreign criminal who faked own death brings human rights claim.

– Labour’s lead cut to two per cent after surge in Conservative support.

– Most solar panels are facing the wrong direction, say scientists.



The Independent


– Stop NHS privatisation until after the election, says shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham.

– Poll: Labour set to win the election – but people still don’t like Ed Miliband.

– General Election 2015: Don’t rely on the Ukip protest vote to win, Ed Miliband told.

– Yvette Cooper on domestic violence: ‘Two women are killed each week. If this happened at football games there would be a national outcry’.



The Guardian


– Diesel drivers may face higher costs in pollution battle.

– Hand hospitals over to their staff, says Francis Maude.

– David Ruffley to stand down at the next election after assault on ex-girlfriend.

– EU migrants to Britain face further restrictions on welfare payments.

– This farcical tax system is cheating us out of billions.

– Let universities underwrite student loans to reduce burden on taxpayer.



The Daily Mail


– ‘No clear idea’ and a ‘steaming pile of fudge’: Ed Miliband under extraordinary attack from Gordon Brown’s key aide who warns Labour election plan is ‘totally dysfunctional’.

– Tories ‘more likely to raise taxes’ than any other party – and Labour would win election if held tomorrow, poll reveals.



The Express


– Jobless EU migrants to have benefits slashed.


The Sun


– Striking Passport Office workers are ‘wrecking’ Brits’ summer hols.

– Fracking rules are poll boost for Tories.

– Farage sale.

– ‘Yes vote would lead to economic crisis worse than the crash’.

– Lung cancer sufferers failing to get treated in time.



Financial Times


– UK private sector tenants have highest rents and poorest housing.


House of Lords

– 10:30am – Room 3, Palace of Westminster
Economic and Financial Affairs (EU Sub-Committee A)

Review of the EU Financial Regulatory Framework – (at 10.40am) evidence will be heard from Prof Lucia Quaglia, University of York, and Prof Kern Alexander, Chair for Law and Finance, University of Zurich.



– 0930: Bank of England releases its Money and Credit report for June. Bank of England

– 0930: Insolvency Service releases insolvency figures for the second quarter of 2014. Insolvency Service

– 1515 LONDON: London mayor Boris Johnson, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils will begin consultation on the UK’s first Safer Lorries Scheme.

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