City AM

– First Tory poll lead since 2012 (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Guardian).

– Pfizer jets in to face MP grilling over drug deal.

– Allister Heath: Why British politics has started to become interesting again.

– Brussels committee unveils its five-year plan to save the EU.

– Ryan Bourne: Protectionism will do nothing for the UK – or the quality of its football.

– Dominic Raab: Why Britain must reject Ed Miliband’s arbitrary Pfizer-Astrazeneca jingoism.

– James Rogers: The EU tax liberation day small print: Why the UK beats flat tax Lithuania.


Daily Telegraph

– Thatcher was tricksy about EU, says Boris.

– Scandal of NHS chiefs’ expenses .

Revolving door’ between government and lobbyists.

– Tory Peer ‘must be banned for life’ after second expenses scandal,

– Forces face further cuts after £1.2bn underspend the MoD cannot explain.

– Phillip Johnston: Politicians have stopped listening to us.


Daily Express

– Ross Clark: Care costs reward the feckless and punish the thrifty.


Daily Mail

– Pfizer lets it slip: takeover could cost thousands of jobs.

– Miliband’s pledge: See a GP within 48 hours (The Independent).

– Quizzed by police for tweet about UKIP (also in The Guardian).

– PM rejects call to strip Barlow of his OBE.

The Times

– Stars shamed into paying tax.

– Gove blamed for leaking papers to embarrass Clegg.

– UKIP’s lazy MEPs miss crucial votes that would help Britons.

– Cartoon features Nigel Farage.


The Independent

– Peers push PM not to back out of TV debates.

– Should an oil company be paying for MPs to visit Kurdistan?


The Guardian

– Cameron cracks down on free school feuding in coalition.

– Anne Karpf: Bigots come in all ages (mention for UKIP).


Financial TImes

– MPs seek ‘cast iron‘ pledge on Astra jobs.


The Sun

£10m on Euro MPs Chauffeur Limos.

–  Phillip Davies MP – Voters should be given snap election.

– PM warned: Plain cig packs plan will drive voters to Ukip.

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