YouGov/Sun Poll: Lab 33%, Con 32%, UKIP 14%, Lib 7%, Green 7%
YouGov Poll 18-24 year olds: Lab 32%, Con 22%, Green 22%, UKIP 13%, Lib 5%

City A.M.
– Mark Carney says deflation is possible and wouldn’t be a problem, refuses to be tied to date for interest rate hike
– London cabbies demand government clampdown on Uber’s tax arrangements

Daily Mail
Editorial: Ed’s masquerade as a consumer champion
– Mass immigration has led to Muslim ‘ghettos’ in Britain run under Sharia Law, says Farage: Ukip leader claims authorities turn ‘blind eye’ to them during TV interview

The Express
Editorial: Miliband should not make capital from Paris horror
– Farage accuses political establishment across EU of ‘moral cowardice’
– EU vote ‘to split UK on GM food
– Inflation drops to lowest level yet

Financial Times
Editorial: Central bankers are steered towards the wrong target
– Osborne accused of damaging energy sector
– Councils claim extra £5bn required to fund school places

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on the unplanned end of inflation
Editorial: The Guardian view on the Chilcot report: time’s up
– Labour attacks government’s record on Ebola and aid
– Nigel Farage tells Fox News there are no-go zones for non-Muslims in France
– Support for British far-right groups hits 20-year low


The Independent
Editorial: Britain has rejected the hatred purveyed by the far-right – but subtler forms of prejudice remain
– TV leaders debates: Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage demand David Cameron participates or is given an ’empty chair’
– Energy bills for poorest have risen at twice the average UK rate, research shows
– TTIP: Activists triumph as contentious US free trade deal clause suspended

The Mirror
– Young jobless are too depressed to leave their house says shock report
– NHS crisis: Labour demands inquiry after 57 patients died when ambulance service downgraded 999 calls

The Sun
Editorial: THE leeching Manzurs are an insult. They’re an insult to every industrious Brit who gets up, goes to work and tries to build a future for their family. IT’S good news for everybody. Except Red Ed. The price drop on essentials that comes with the inflation dip means we’ll all have more cash in our pockets. ROBBIE Williams’ idea of a “contemporary standard of family living” is a bit different to the rest of us.

– Labour would pay off deficit by ‘hiking gun licence charges
– Clegg ‘exploiting terrorism for votes
– Labour prepare to U-turn on energy price freeze pledge

The Telegraph
Editorial: Low inflation: for now, it’s good for Britain
Editorial: Tony Blair paid a heavy price for peace in Northern Ireland
– Nobody, not even stupid young people, should be forced to vote
– This is a critical moment for the destinies of Britain and Europe
– Sacrifice Green Belt land near stations, recommends report
– Council ‘revolving door’ staff arrangements costing up to £5bn

The Times
Editorial: Ed has turned the “weaponised” NHS on himself
– Axed staff rehired by councils in £5bn spending spree
– Miliband, Clegg and Farage in TV debate threat to PM
– English farmers free to plant GM crops after European vote

UKIP Website
– Should British taxpayers be paying for child benefit in Warsaw, Mr Tusk?
– Fears over school places provision
– What planet is Ed Miliband on?
Words are not enough: Farage urges European leaders to act


– 0930: Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its lending trends figures.
– 0930 LONDON: Health Select Committee hearing on A&E.
– 1200 LONDON: Prime Minister’s Questions.
– 1405 LONDON: Network Rail chief executive Mark Carne appears before House of Commons Transport Committee on Christmas engineering over-run
– 1415 LONDON: Mark Carney at Treasury Select Committee.
– 1550 LONDON: Theresa May and Chris Grayling at Lords EU Committee.

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