– Huge increase of 292,000 foreign workers in past year​

– Young Independence Member, Sanya-Jeet Thandi, who walked out in a blaze of publicity, supported UKIP’s immigration policy as recently as last week.


City AM

– Online giants to be hit as Google loses EU data case (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent)

– Simon Walker: The supposedly open UK economy can’t afford this Pfizer political inquisition


Daily Telegraph

500,000 on stealth tax rate of 60p

– UKIP’s Asian poster girl walks out on “racist” party (also in Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian).

– At a standstill 400ft turbines built too close to an airport

– Editorial: We need a tax system that is clear and fair


Daily Express

– Scroungers on £85,000 a year benefits

– Most Britons want to quit EU… and that’s official from Brussels

– Editorial: It’s now a ‘no’ from the EU propaganda machine

– Duncan Barkes: Working-class vote is up for grabs as it was in the 1980s

Daily Mail
– ‘Absurdly complex’ tax system savaged by top economists 
– Britons miss out as NHS brings in 5,000 EU nurses 
– Dominic Sandbrook: Sorry Dave, unless you find the common touch, and choose your friends more wisely, a lead in the polls isn’t enough

The Times
– UKIP faces scandal over ‘cash for Euro seats‘. The Times’ vendetta continues.
EditorialWages of office. The connection between donations and becoming a UKIP candidate are worrying // A blow against freedom. The European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of a “right to be forgotten”. This is a poor ruling and a massive blow to freedom of expression
Only frack in Labour seats, pleads Tory peer 
The Guardian
– MPs fear ‘a shark that needs feeding’ as Pfizer chief faces questions on takeover
– UKIP’s black candidates vie for voters in Croydon’s melting pot
– Violent Voteman spoils Denmark’s ballot (Danish attempt to encourage turnout in European Elections criticised)
– Zoe William: Why we’re queuing up to listen to the mavericks
– Nigel Farage subject of the cartoon
The Independent
– We will cut jobs if merger goes ahead, Pfizer boss admits during MP grilling
– Clegg told to abolish bedroom tax by his own party’s pressure group
Financial Times
– Le Pen slams Farage’s racism jibe as ploy to become top eurosceptic
The Sun
– Sun Says: Migrants blow
– Sun’s Cab on road for Euro Elections. Taxi to No 10 – Interview with Nigel Farage
Daily Events
House of Commons

– Pfizer, AstraZeneca and science minister David Willetts give evidence to Commons Science and Technology Committee on takeover bid.


– Vince Cable speech. The Business Secretary will deliver a speech on “building a shared recovery – lessons from the downturn”.

– Unemployment figures. Latest unemployment and average earnings figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

– Bank of England publishes its quarterly growth and inflation forecasts. Followed by Q&A with governor Mark Carney.

– Nigel Farage in Belfast.

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