YouGov/Sun poll – Labour lead by four points, Ukip record their highest ever rating with @YouGov: CON 30%, LAB 34%, LD 8%, UKIP 18%.

I still believe we are unprompted with YouGov which means them numbers are likely higher. Lowest ever combined total for Labour and Tory.


City A.M.

– Germany’s woes prompt fear of Eurozone recession
– The happy band of the self-employed is remaking our economy for the better


Daily Mail

– Ban smoking in public parks: England’s most senior doctor warns lighting up in public places encourages children to take up the habit

– Sitting in traffic jams will cost families £2,000 and waste 18 days-a-year by 2030 as growing population clogs the roads

​- Only the ‘very wealthy’ should pay inheritance tax, says Cameron: Reform may be included in pre-election budget

– Miliband in denial: Our immigration policy is right Labour leader tells MPs as poll shows just 13% agree


The Express

– Fury as Labour blocks talks to exclude Scottish MPs from deciding on English laws

– David Cameron labelled ‘crass’ and ‘insensitive’ as PM is caught in race row

– Inheritance tax: ‘Only very rich should pay it’ says PM
Financial Times

– Labour snubs talks on ‘English votes for English laws’

– Cameron tries to calm Tory nerves ahead of by-election


The Guardian

– Ukip could capture 30 seats in 2015 election, new data shows

– Theresa May to announce statutory time limit to police bail

– Stalled pay growth leaves average UK worker £5,000 a year worse off


The Independent

– Rochester by-election: How Ukip could pull off an even more spectacular upset than in Clacton

– Workers ‘could be forced to pay £5 a week’ to get benefits

– Police banned from using anti-terror laws to monitor journalists’ phones


The Sun

– Brown Sugar’s choice for Labour leadership

– Ex-minister: Cam’s left us to live on Putin’s coal

– Tory Girl v Ukip in Rochester


The Telegraph (To get behind the pay wall you just need to open incognito mode on google chrome or similar on others and open the page)
– The English Question should be simple to fix

– If Britain is booming, why is the deficit growing?


The Times

– Andy Burnham: ‘Cut social care and the system stops working’

– Inadequate GP practices will have to shut

– Exposed: fake doctorate of Ukip ‘professor’


– 0930: Unemployment figures.
– 1900 LONDON: Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson speech to Global Warming Policy Foundation.

House of Commons

– 12pm, PMQs

House of Lords

– 3pm, Government’s strategy for confronting ISIS

European Parliament

– The President’s diary

13:30, Meeting with Bernadette SÉGOL, General Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
17:25, Welcome of Toomas Hendrik ILVES, President of Estonia

17:30, Meeting with President Toomas Hendrik ILVES


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