ICM/Guardian monthly poll: CON 31%(-2), LAB 32%(+1), LDEM 10%(-3), UKIP 16%(+1)
YouGov/The Sun results 17th June – Con 34%, Lab 37%, LD 7%, UKIP 13%


Sky News

Mortar Attack On Iraq’s Biggest Oil Refinery. Iran warns it will do “everything to protect” Shi’ite shrines in Iraq as it emerges ISIS charts its brutality in annual reports (also in City AM)
Poor White Pupils ‘Need Longer School Days’. Schools serving poor white communities “need a better chance of winning” says a report into falling standards (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express)


City AM

– Saatchi calls to axe small firms’ corporation tax
Lowest inflation in five years for UK last month
– John Hulsman: Beware Blair: The West must not learn the wrong lessons from the Iraq War
– David Richards: Politicians are jeopardising UK tech by failing to tackle our severe skills shortages


Daily Telegraph

– City Diary with mention for UKIP
– Downbeat Cameron will fight Juncker to the end (also in The Guardian)
– Passport chief: It wouldn’t be helpful for me to quit (also in The Guardian)
– Charles Moore: Unfinished business. Mrs Thatcher believed economic liberty was at the heart of human worth. But it and political freedom are everywhere under threat.
– Mary Riddell: Labour’s modern Magna Carta has to seal the deal with voters
– Rob Lyons: A school dinners recipe that’s hard to swallow
– Con Coughlin: Our Middle East policy is mired in confusion


Daily Express

– Chinese leader Li Keqiang: We want the UK to stay united
– Migrants will pay for NHS (also in Daily Mail: £500m a year ‘must be clawed back from foreign NHS patients’)
– Passport office ‘warned of crisis’ (also in Daily Mail)
– Ross Clark: Britain must ban handouts for all new immigrants
– 93% of Britons say it’s OK to bash a burglar


Daily Mail

– Hunt: ban cosmetic surgery on the NHS
– Clegg ready to pledge in-out EU referendum to match the Tories (also in The Times)
– Yard chief: Snowden has made world more dangerous
– State spies can snoop on your use of Google, Facebook and Twitter (also in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent)
– Norman Lamont: The people have spoken on mass immigration. So will the political class hear them?
– It’s a a deal: China to run our Nuclear plants (also in The Times, The Guardian)


The Times

– Make patients pay £10 to see a GP, urge nurses
– Daniel Finkelstein: Don’t shoot the adviser. Ed’s the one to blame.
– Editorial: Lib Dems and Europe. The Liberal Democrats would be right to vote for an EU referendum


The Guardian

– Help to Buy: MPs question £10bn cost and impact on housing shortage

– Popularity of Miliband and Clegg falls to lowest levels recorded by ICM poll

– Expert panel rates NHS world’s best healthcare system

– Labour picks Westminster insiders for key seats


The Independent

– Millions living in overcrowded conditions because of failure to build new homes

– Patient data ‘was sold to private companies’

– NHS should be run like Tesco, claims Reform think tank


Daily Events

House of Commons
– Oral Questions. International Development, including Topical Questions
– Prime Minister’s Question Time
– Defence Select Committee. Towards the Next Defence and Security Review: Part Two – Lord Stirrup, former Chief of the Defence Staff; Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff
– Ed Balls gives evidence on implications of Scottish independence to Commons Scottish Affairs Committee.
– Peter Hain and Christopher Daly give evidence about on-the-runs. The former Northern Ireland Secretary who was responsible for the government administrative scheme will appear before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of MPs. Mr Daly will also testify on behalf of the Hyde Park bomb victims.

House of Lords

– Oral Questions. Risk of an arms race between Russia and the West
– Oral Questions. Analysis of likely interest rate movements by the Governor of the Bank of England
– LONDON: National Security Council to discuss events in Iraq.
– HARROGATE: David Davis MP will talk about police relationships with politicians at Acpo conference.
– LONDON: Minutes of the Bank of England monetary policy committee’s June meeting are published.
– LONDON: Visit of Chinese premier Li Keqiang continues. He will give a speech and meet Chancellor George Osborne and Ed Miliband at separate events.
– LONDON: Vince Cable speech on the banking sector. City Gate House, 39-45 Finsbury Square, EC2A 1PQ.
– LONDON: Mayor Boris Johnson and airports commission chair Howard Davies to speak at airports policy conference.
– LONDON: Michael Gove “in conversation” at Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty. Conference opens at 0900. Keynote speeches by VS Naipaul (0915), Lord Saatchi (1210). Michael Gove “in conversation with” Roger Scruton, Rich Lowry and Charles Moore (1830). Speakers include: General David Petraeus, V. S. Naipaul, Professor Niall Ferguson, Dr Art Laffer, Radek Sikorski, Michael Gove MP, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, and Lord Saatchi.
– Jeremy Paxman’s last Newsnight. The broadcaster bows out as host of the current affairs show

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