City AM

– Reason to cheer: Today’s finally tax freedom day

– Matthew Elliott: This earthquake is bigger than UKIP: Only radical EU reform will be enough
Daily Telegraph

UK has enough turbines, says climate advisor (also in The Times)

EU is too big, bossy and interfering, warns PM (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times)

– Mary Riddell: Has Miliband trapped himself on the wrong side of history? If labour can offer no hope to its core vote, then the exodus to UKIP will surely multiply

– Alicia Collinson: Don’t make yourself the story, Mrs Farage

Letter from Alan Sked re: UKIP
Daily Express

£30m in benefits is sent abroad. Our taxes fund foreign children (also in Daily Mail)

– Ex-PM Tony Blair calls for greater work against ‘reactionary’ Ukip

– Ed Miliband admits UK will NEVER leave the EU under Labour  (also in Financial Times)

– Ross Clark: UKIP should thank Tony Blair for its election success

– Now it’s Farage v Salmond
Daily Mail

£30 billion failure… our wars in Iraq and Helmand

– Is Ed finally getting message on migrants?

– Stephen Robinson: The rank hypocrisy of Mr Blair. He threw open Britain to millions of immigrants, but now seers at UKIP
The Times

– Lib Dems swamped by new round of infighting

– Millions now living in areas dominated by one party

– Miliband’s attempt at quick answer shows he’s all talk. The Labour leader stopped short of explaining how he will win back UKIP voters

– Michael Burleigh: This earthquake puts Cameron on firm ground. UKIP has completed the detoxifying of the Tories. The Prime Minister can now cash in as he prepares for the next election

– Editorial: Just do less. Protest parties have flourished across Europe by opposing immigration and the European Union. Leaders need to hear the message that Europe must do less.



​ The Guardian

Rising tide of race prejudice across Britain. Growing hostility exposed as parties struggle with immigration message

– After rocky elections, EU leaders set for battle over head of commission

Stand up to UKIP, the nasty party – Blair’s advice to Miliband
The Independent

– Cable ally botched coup against Clegg

– Election watchdog to probe Tower Hamlets count delays

– Cameron on collision course with Brussels

– Hamish McRae: All is not lost for the European Union – so long as its leaders can prove to a sceptical public that unity breeds wealth
Financial Times

-Treasury accused of inflating cost of Scottish independence by man who compiled figures

– Farage and Le Pen fight for Eurosceptic mutineers

Lansley is Cameron’s choice for Brussels

– City and Whitehall rue loss of hands ‘on the levers of power’

Cable denounces ally for Clegg attack



The Sun

– Final warning to PM. We’re seeing Red. Five months ago we told you that EU immigration must be curbed. After voters’ devastating verdict, now it’s time to get your finger out.

– PM: EU ‘too big, bossy and interfering’. But time is running out to win battle.

– Jane Moore: Immigration fears are all about the numbers, not race

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