YouGov/Sun poll – Tories still ahead by one: CON 34%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 14%, GRN 7%
City A.M.
– Unions helped save fracking from ban
– Unison suspends NHS strike after new offer
– With public borrowing still high, is David Cameron right to renew his pledge of £7bn in tax cuts?

Daily Mail
Editorial: Why Labour can’t be trusted with the NHS
– Hundreds are ‘let off’ for sex with under-13s: Police hand out 437 cautions to offenders in past five years despite crime carrying maximum jail term of 14 years
– Rail travellers at their unhappiest for five years: Fewer than one in three passengers on worse performing lines are satisfied with the service

The Express
Editorial: Cameron is right to protect benefits for pensioners
– David Cameron: UK ‘better and stronger’ with fewer migrants
– MP who claimed pubs are closing due to surge of teetotal immigrants denies being racist
– Pensioners to keep benefits! Tories promise to provide ‘dignity and security‘ for elderly

Financial Times
Editorial: Preserve competition in the UK mobile market
– Labour plans pile on pressure for cash-strapped universities
– Ministers aim to quash claims that trade talks threaten NHS
– Conference decisions leave Green party exposed

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on Labour’s plans for healthcare: good in parts
Editorial: The Guardian view on coal in China: digging down
– Parties exploit Asian networks for votes – Electoral Commission
– Green party’s flagship economic policy would hit poorest hardest, say experts
– Civil service head denies pressure to let special advisers canvass in elections

The Independent

– Intervention in civil wars ‘far more likely in oil-rich nations
– Labour attacks Government for ‘wasting’ foreign aid budget
– David Cameron accused of trying to ‘wriggle out’ of TV debates
– Ed Miliband promises 10,000 more British nurses – to reduce reliance on foreigners

The Mirror
– Labour rule out SNP coalition deal if May election results in another hung Parliament
– NHS staff scrap strike action after Jeremy Hunt comes up with a new pay offer
– David Cameron faces ‘chicken’ accusations as he throws up MORE obstacles to TV debates

The Sun
Editorial: TODAY local councillors can kill at birth an energy revolution that could fuel Britain for generations. THE Sun was never a fan of Neil Kinnock. In fairness, it was mutual. EVERY year that passes makes it harder to remember the full horror of the Holocaust.

– Peter Mandelson’s £400k tax-free loan
– It’s the Sunibesto

The Telegraph
Editorial: David Cameron is right on welfare and tax cuts
Editorial: Fracking: Let the drilling begin
– Health, immigration and the economy: where the election will be won and lost
– Why be silent about Britain’s generosity to the world?
– British lessons in primary schools will protect UK from terrorism, says Nicky Morgan

The Times
Editorial: Is the price of life two new Ferraris every year?
– Labour NHS strategy will bring ‘poll catastrophe
– £10m drug gives kidney patients extra 25 years
– We’ll let smokers light up in pubs again, says Ukip

UKIP Website
– 100 days till the election, 100 reasons to vote UKIP
100 days to go, our Head of Policy writes

– 1000 PRESTON: Fracking planning committee meeting.
– 1000 LONDON: Home Secretary Theresa May speech to International Police and Crime Conference.
– 1030 LONDON: Trade minister at Business Select Committee hearing on TTIP.
– 1200 LONDON: Prime Minister’s Questions.
– 1415 LONDON: Justine Greening at International Development Committee.

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