YouGov/Sun poll – Labour ahead by one point: CON 32%, LAB 33%, LD 8%, UKIP 17%, GRN 5%


City A.M.

– Liberal Democrats accuse Tories of blocking their own EU bill

– Businesses slam politicians over blackout threat

– Europe can only gain if we embrace employee share ownership

– The EU is turning its back on capitalist virtues just when it needs them most


Daily Mail

– Immigration – what a mess! 50,000 in Britain illegally are missing, minister says we’ll never control our borders while in EU, and France says we are migrant ‘El Dorado’

– EU ‘exasperated’ with Britain over £1.7bn bill: Senior MEP says Cameron is ‘isolated’ in bid to overturn payment

​- National Grid reveals plan to dim your lights: Britain faces series of ‘brownouts’ after closure of coal-fired power stations to meet EU targets

– Labour MP links Leon Brittan to 80s child abuse claims: Amid row over historic sex crimes inquiry, former Home Secretary named in Commons

– Sneering Guardian provokes anger after article calls poppy artwork ‘Ukip-style memorial’ and calls for ceramic flowers to be replaced with bones


The Express

– ‘Britain will never be able to control immigration while in EU’ admits Tory minister

– Coalition bid for EU referendum COLLAPSES after ‘Tory and Lib Dem row’

– £100k civil servants on the rise

– Report unveils true extent of Britain’s migrant mess


Financial Times

– SNP’s new leader promises to govern for ‘all of Scotland’

– Britain gives F-35 jets deal permission to take off

– Migration policy hurts competitiveness, minister says


The Guardian

– Hidden costs of state schools causing hardship for millions, says report

– The two angry men on Europe’s borders: loud, proud, and impossible to ignore

– A Tory nightmare: what if ‘Red Ed’ is right on wages?

– Civil service chief under fire for keeping job at drink manufacturer


The Independent
– MPs criticise Home Office delays as 10,000 asylum-seekers are left in limbo

– NAO attacks Government’s over-optimistic HS2 benefit analysis

– Ombudsman report: NHS sending patients home too early

– Britain First accuses Ukip of ‘playing political game’ with snub over Rochester photo

– Nigel Farage: ‘There’s nothing wrong with white people blacking up


The Sun

– MP arrest details revealed

– MPs: Warn cancer screening patients of needless ops

– Almost half of all Labour Rochester voters are going to back Ukip

– Osborne launches bid to slash £1.7bn EU bill

– Top MP: Licence fee ‘worse than poll tax’



The Telegraph
– Government to fund campaign to stamp out anti-gay bullying in schools

– It’s about time we talked about immigration . . .

– State pension is not a benefit, says minister

– David Cameron ‘may never be able to control’ EU immigration, Nick Boles says

– Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart blames British benefits system for migrant influx



The Times
– Asylum queue hits 45,000 as failed IT projects cost £1bn

– Ukip tanks on Miliband’s lawn in South Yorkshire police commissioner contest

– Armed troops posted to protect ceremonial guards from attack

– Apache gunships poised to take on Islamic State

– UK gives £1bn to brutal Ethiopian regime

– Labour council rejects Miliband’s mansion tax plan
– Eric Pickles and Louise Casey quarterly announcement with new figures on troubled families.

– 0930: Bank of England releases its Money and Credit report for September.

– 0930: Insolvency Service releases insolvency figures for the third quarter of 2014.

– 1000 LONDON: Ruling in the latest legal action over the culling of badgers.

– 1200: Prime Minister’s Questions.

– 1430 LONDON: The UK’s European commissioner-designate, Lord Hill of Oareford, gives evidence to the Commons European Scrutiny Committee.​


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