UKIP MEPs website

– UKIP Leader Nigel Farage speaks during the opening debate of the 2014-19 term of the European Parliament

Sky News

– Africa Battles To Stop Deadly Spread Of Ebola.

Superbugs ‘Could Send UK Back To The Dark Ages’. Action is needed to stop the world entering a post-antibiotic era in which common infections and injuries can kill, say experts


City AM

– MPs blast lack of urgency on energy policy

Slowdown in euro manufacturing

Sterling jumps to 2008 high on industrial surge

– Poor productivity is holding back earnings

– Paul Ormerod: The crisis isn’t over yet: The Eurozone’s laggards still need disciplining

– Rory Meakin: We urgently need simpler taxes: National Insurance is a fitting place to start

Daily Telegraph

– Tory backbenchers threaten revolt over Bill to enshrine foreign aid spending in law (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Guardian)

We need second carrier, says navy chief

Miliband’s jobs claim two years out of date

Unions will demand a seat at table of power if Labour wins election (also in Daily Mail)

You need Europhile Clarke in Cabinet, Heseltine warns PM

– Britain needs Trident to stop ‘blackmail’ from enemies say MPs

Daily Express

UKIP MEPs turn their backs on EU flag incl comments from Paul Nuttall and Patrick O’Flynn
– Bob Neil MP: Today I bring the EU Referendum Bill back to Parliament


Daily Mail

– Revealed, Cameron and the ball for Billionaires

– Only ‘a third of Scots now plan to vote Yes to independence’ (also in The Times)


The Times

– Britain risks losing best EU jobs as Juncker takes revenge

Clegg won’t offer voters a Europe referendum

Spaniards flood into Britain to escape economic crisis at home

Tory war chest is three times size of Labour’s

– Lib Dems ready to fight on a shoestring

– Miliband banking on gala to match rivals’ poll funds

– Daniel Finkelstein: Do we really need MPs now we have Twitter?

– Alice Thomson: State funding will save politicians from scandal. There’s nothing with feting livies at No.10. It’s the ball and bashes for party donors that are the real problem


The Guardian

– Revealed: the billionaires who came to Tory dinner

– First day in the office for EU’s varied power gangs and vandals 

– Rafael Behr: The Labour party doesn’t know radicalism is


The Independent

– Can’t afford to live in London? Get on a train to Manchester, says Tory MP

IT giants warn Treasury not to target their contracts


Financial Times

– Cameron review of electoral map urged to be more flexible

Education and welfare at heart of Tory election campaign

Unite backs referendum on EU

Daily Events

House of Commons
– Prime Minister’s Questions. House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.
– Attorney General Dominic Grieve and former attorney general Lord Goldsmith give evidence to the Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on “on-the-runs”.
– Ofcom and the National Audit Office give evidence to the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee on the future of the BBC.
– Culture Minister Ed Vaizey and the Information Commissioner’s Office give evidence to the Commons Science and Technology Committee on social media data and real time analytics.
– Education select committee evidence session on academies and free schools.

House of Lords
– Oral Questions – Baroness Morgan of Ely. Commissioner of the European Commission
– Debate – Lord Harrison. Report of the EU Committee on Genuine Economic and Monetary Union and the implications for the UK​

– LONDON: Reform thinktank conference on crime, justice and safer communities, with speeches by Chris Grayling and Sadiq Khan.
– LONDON: Business Secretary Vince Cable speech to Government Construction summit. Other speakers include Treasury minister Lord Deighton (1315) and HS2 chairman David Higgins (1645).
– LONDON: David Cameron and Theresa Villiers meet Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. At 1500, Mr Cameron will meet separately with Mr McGuinness and Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams.
– LONDON: David Davis speech to Centre for Social Justice on modern policing.

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