Have a fantastic New Year and all the best as we race towards the General Election in the next four months.
As a bit of New Year’s Eve fun, here is the Sun Editorial:

“Be upstanding. Our congrats to Dr Simon Campbell on becoming a Sir for developing Viagra. He’ll be swollen with pride, standing to attention at the Palace. Might take a while for it to wear off. Maybe all knight.”


City A.M.
– Regulation watchdog confirms savings of £2.2bn as a result of slashing red tape

Daily Mail
Editorial: Taking needless risks with a deadly virus
– Thought-provoking or biased? Mixed reaction to Lenny Henry’s guest editing of Radio 4’s Today programme

(features an interview with UKIP’s Amjad Bashir. Amjad performs brilliantly, calm and reasoned in the face of patronising prejudice from Lenny Henry – listen here)


The Express
– Tony Blair: Ed Miliband could lead Labour to poll defeat
– Cabinet ministers lead new push for an early EU exit

Financial Times
Editorial: Bid farewell to America’s ‘worst Congress ever
– New year honours: Former Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf becomes a dame

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on Northern Ireland’s latest deal: the glass is half-full
– City Link workers brace for redundancy notices
– OBE for Network Rail manager who oversaw Christmas chaos in London
– Prime minister criticised for appointing Tory peer as lobbying watchdog chair
– Labour accused of class war by top private school head
– Labour hits out as Andrew Lansley confirms nomination for top UN job
– Tory donor knighted in New Year honours

The Independent

Editorial: New Year Honours: It’s a poor moment to award Fiona Woolf a damehood
– Labour shuns black and Asian candidates in ‘winnable’ seats as Miliband faces calls for action
– Politics student aims to become Britain’s youngest MP
Ukip appointed lawyer Matthew Richardson to keep ‘bad stuff’ out of public eye
– Blair disputes Miliband’s claim of shift to the left

The Sun
Editorial: The panic in Britain over Ebola is out of all proportion to its risk to us. Sol Campbell is a working-class East End boy who made the best of his talent and amassed a fortune beyond most people’s dreams. Our congrats to Dr Simon Campbell on becoming a Sir for developing Viagra.

– Abbott: I was seen as threat

The Telegraph
Editorial: What makes us British is always worth celebrating
– Admitting Ed Miliband is heading for defeat shows Tony Blair at his best and worst
9 Resolutions politicians should be making for 2015 (but probably won’t)
– Countryside population to increase dramatically by 2025

The Times
Editorial: Poll tax shows why unelected officials mustn’t wield power
– Vote me out and we leave the EU, says Greek leader
– Tories plan to keep Clegg out of key role in future coalition
– ‘Scandal’ of the wasted millions spent on Games legacy projects
– ‘Social apartheid’ as parents pay for houses to avoid fees
– 1500 COVENTRY: Union protest at City Link head office.

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