​​YouGov/Sun poll  – Labour have a one-point lead: CON 32%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 16%, GRN 7%


City A.M

– Chancellor prepares for battle ahead of crunch Autumn Statement

– George Osborne announces £1bn boost for small businesses ahead of the Autumn Statement


Daily Mail

Editorial: Teach our children the full immigration story

– A&E patients waiting more than 24 hours to be treated: Bleak warning by care watchdog

– Migrants who can’t find work ‘will lose benefits’: 4,000 long term claimants face tough new tests

​- Osborne vows to scrap hated business rates... and he will help more small firms get bank loans

– Let off thieves if they have lost their benefits! Former Labour minister’s plea to juries
The Express

Editorial: Further examples of the EU’s wild extravagance

– Nigel Farage grilled by young would-be voters (including a Guardian hack and the deputy leader of the NUS… coincidence?)

– Poland outraged over PM’s bid to overhaul benefits rules for EU migrants

– Hospices to get annual Government grant to wipe out VAT costs

– Nearly a MILLION more workers to be hit by higher 40p tax rate


Financial Times

Editorial: Britain deserves better on infrastructure

– NHS chiefs warn on deteriorating finances

– Osborne lines up stamp duty shift

– Autumn Statement 2014: Osborne to give small businesses £900m boost

– Ulster’s first offshore wind farm scrapped

– Ministers propose government-built houses
The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on council spending: local services are cut to the bone. Whitehall should let go

Editorial: The Guardian view on the Syrian crisis: if we can’t tackle the cause, at least we should deal with symptoms

– Farage confused over Ukip’s sex education policy at young voters’ event

– George Osborne on offensive over tax abuse but admits deficit target missed

– Politicians threw Royal Mail to the wolves

– Labour accused of foul play over immigration polling


The Independent

Editorial: In black and white: New research puts into figures a subtler form of racism

– Autumn Statement: 10 things George Osborne ought to announce today – but never will

– Autumn Statement: Cameron WILL have to cut NHS spending, warns senior Tory

– Ukip local branches being impersonated by a plague of fake Twitter accounts


The Sun

Editorial: To list all the contradictions and hypocrisies of multi-millionaire Russell Brand’s campaign for “revolution” would need more space than this page allows. GEORGE Osborne will toss Sun readers a few scraps in his mini-Budget today. Scraps are all he has. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Never was that more apt than at the BBC.

– Osborne to unveil aid in Autumn Statement

– Union set to throw weight behind fracking

– Millions in Libor fines to help Gurkhas

– Taxpayers help fund MEPs’ lobster and foie gras Xmas dinners


The Telegraph

Editorial: Russell Brand slings slang around

Editorial: Autumn statement: George Osborne must demonstrate his prudence

Editorial: Herman van Rompuy has won the Euro jackpot, but we’re paying

– Are the Tories winning back Ukippers in the seats that matter?

– Tories betraying Thatcher’s legacy over EU, say Lib Dems

– You cannot ‘have it all’ – Government tells women

– Autumn Statement: George Osborne faces £50 billion ‘black hole’

– European court: asking asylum seekers to prove sexuality is breach of human rights

– Labour ‘reluctant’ to admit West Lothian Question is a problem, former cabinet minister says


The Times

Editorial: Wanted: a better class of antisemite

– Home safer than hospital for birth, mothers told

– Impoverished Ukip gives Farage £60,000 to spend on chauffeur

– Punish the tax avoidance advisers, demands Hodge


– LONDON: Updated guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) on whether midwife-led care during labour is safest for women with straightforward pregnancies.

– LONDON: Nice to publish updated guidance on parent and child co-sleeping.

– 0800 LONDON: Cabinet being briefed by George Osborne on Autumn Statement.
– 0930 LONDON: Education Secretary Nicky Morgan gives evidence to the Commons Education Committee on exams for 15-19 year olds.

– 0945 LONDON: Security Minister James Brokenshire gives evidence to the parliamentary Human Rights Committee on the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.

– 1230 LONDON: Autumn Statement.

– 1430 LONDON: Lord Smith of Kelvin gives evidence to the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee on further Scottish devolution event.

– 1500 LONDON: Defence officials give evidence to the Commons Defence Committee on Islamic State and the situation in Iraq and Syria.

– 1600 LONDON: The Commons Home Affairs Committee takes evidence on the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.


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