Every working day, John Gill in the HQ produces a news brief for the party management. We also receive it, so UKIP Daily readers can see the same articles our leaders are being pointed at. We now aim to publish it every weekday morning, and then try to do the more comprehensive “in-depth” review on the weekend days, under the “Kippers for Breakfast” banner. Also, at the bottom, you will usually find the key events happening today in the Palace of Westminster and other important places.


City AM

– Osborne hits back at Labour in Pfizer row

– Peter Spence: Why Ed Miliband’s rent control plans would be a nightmare for tenants 


Daily Telegraph

– Bank must burst housing bubble 

– Roger Helmer MEP could be first UKIP MP 

– The cover-ups, scandals and pay-offs of Lord Patten’s reign 

– Daniel Hannan: Look who’s not voting Tory

– Editorial cartoon “One year to go” features Nigel Farage


Adams cartoon, Telegraph May 7th

Daily Express

– Half UKIP’s Euro vote to stay loyal to Farage in 2015

– Stephen Pollard: Skull Cracker is not the only lifer put in open prison 


Daily Mail

Squeeze on help to buy mortgages 

– Cable: Ministers are powerless to stop Pfizer deal 

– Backing UKIP will put ‘Great Revival’ at risk says Cameron // Lord Ashcroft: Treat the voters like grown-ups 


The Times

– Pressure grows to deliver justice for whistleblowers

– UKIP candidate is now ‘relaxed about gays

– Cameron’s strategist was hired by Pfizer 

– Daniel Finkelstein: My contender for the stupid socialist award

– Mention for UKIP in Matthew Parris’ column 


The Guardian

– Whitehall calls halt on £3.8bn NHS reforms 

– UKIP chooses controversial candidate for Newark

– Civil servants fear government could seize up

– Labour to raise council tax on ‘ghost homes’

– Ethnic minority voters. Identity politics 


The Independent

– ‘Badly behaved men on a stag night’: is this what the Tories think of UKIP voters?

– MEP accused of homophobia to stand for UKIP in Newark

– Why it’s harder than it looks to evict a Liberal Democrat MP 

– Hamish McRae: The stats and the markets concur: Europe is no longer an economic basket case 

– Leading Letter: We Ukip members don’t deserve this ‘racism’ slur 


Financial Times

– Power to the populists. The rise of the UK Independence Party 


The Sun

– Mili: I’m brainier than Cam 

Four whom the bell tolls (about four marginal seats)


Daily Events

House of Commons

– Prime Minister’s Question Time
– PSNI chief constable at Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. Chief Constable Matt Baggott and assistant chief constable Drew Harris will give evidence to the committee on the “on the runs” issue.
-Lord Myners at Treasury Select Committee hearing on Co-op.
-Danny Alexander at Scottish Affairs Committee. The Treasury Chief Secretary will give evidence as part of the committee’s inquiry into the referendum on independence.
-Public Accounts Committee hearing on debt owed to Government. The National Audit Office found at least £22 billion of overdue debt was owed to the Government for reasons including unpaid taxes, fines and benefit overpayments
House of Lords
– Debate – Lord Pearson of Rannoch / Lord Bates. BBC’s coverage of EU matters
-Theresa May at Lords EU committee. The Home Secretary will be questioned about the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.
– British Chambers of Commerce publishes survey on Scottish independence. The study questioned 2,400 Chamber members across England, Wales and Northern Ireland on the impact of Scottish independence
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