YouGov/Sun poll  – Labour two points ahead: CON 32%, LAB 34%, LD 8%, UKIP 15%

– Paul Sykes takes on UKIP campaigns role
Make history with UKIP this week
– Selection by ability, not social engineering is the way to greater social mobility

City A.M.
– Cost of “problem debt” in the UK: Economy losing £8.3bn each year, charity warns
– Forget a penal mansion tax: It’s archaic council tax that needs desperate reform

Daily Mail
– British hospitals on Ebola alert: Scientists warn virus could be here in 16 days as minister says visitors should be screened at airports
– Storm as NHS gives go-ahead to patient database despite concerns: Pilot scheme will involve 1.7million people unless an individual specifically ops out
The doctors’ exodus: They cost us £610,000 to train – but 3,000 a year are leaving us for a life in the sun in Australia and New Zealand

The Express
– Labour faces full-scale leadership crisis as fears grow over Ed Miliband
– Vince Cable calls for ‘absurd’ immigration limits to be lifted
– Anger as Clegg says he would ‘relish’ EU referendum, but only if Brussels takes more power
Ukip confident of seeing off Tories’ bid to woo Clacton voters

The Guardian
– Labour leadership accused of defeatism over Rochester byelection
– Giles who? Boris Johnson forgets name of Tory candidate in Clacton byelection
Lib Dem strategy for salvation: a grudging respect for anti-populism
– Blow to Nick Clegg as Lib Dems defy leadership over airport expansion

The Independent
– MoD faces legal fight over recruitment of child soldiers
Lib Dems hit back after Tories outflank them on personal tax allowance
– Nigel Farage goes on warpath in Heywood and Middleton by-election
– NHS in crisis: Two institutions – but only one profits from private patients

The Sun
– Farage: If we win by-election, Ed’ll be gone by Christmas
– Nick Clegg unveils third tax hike on rich
– Lib Dems caught in row over unpaid £800k police bill
– Lib Dems blast football clubs’ desire to win

The Telegraph
– The death of the Left in British politics cannot be ruled out
– Scottish Labour extends NHS olive branch to SNP
– Nigel Farage: Ukip’s ‘blokeish’ image has put off women
– Nick Clegg’s leadership in crisis

The Times
Europe stalls as booming Britain takes off – IMF
Migration isn’t an issue in Clacton, says Labour’s man
– Ukip admits it struggles to appeal to women voters

– GLASGOW: Liberal Democrat conference. Nick Clegg due to speak at 1300.
– 1600 WASHINGTON DC: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to hold press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry.


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