YouGov/Sun poll – Labour lead by five points: CON 33%, LAB 38%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%
The Express

– Boris Johnson believes Britain has a ‘great and glorious’ future OUTSIDE of the EU

– Millions of families to face soaring energy bills

– Leaked file reveals ‘ALARMING’ rise in UK-bound migrants heading to Calais
The Sun

– Boris tells Cam to cut migrants

– Welfare bill could be slashed to pay for transport projects

– Ed-ding for defeat, Diane Abbott says ‘most’ Labour MPs fear Ed’s leading party to electoral disaster

– Blow for PM as probe into union bully-boy tactics collapses

– Warning tax credits bill set to soar by £2.5bn over next five years
The Telegraph

– A cut-price NHS revolution would be Ed Miliband’s biggest gamble

– Sajid Javid: Labour would leave Britain £500 billion worse off
The Guardian

– Scottish debate: Salmond and Darling in angry clash over independence

– Centralised stroke care saves more lives, says study


The Independent

Ethnic riots in Calais as Albanian gangs charge African migrants for access to port area

– Britain leaving EU would be preferable if David Cameron cannot secure reforms, claims Boris Johnson

– Nick Clegg announces end to subsidised translation services for migrants

– George Osborne supports investment for the North
The Times

– Tories build bridges with northern voters



– 0930 LONDON: Speech and Q&A by Boris Johnson on Europe. Bloomberg, 39-45 Finsbury Square, EC2A 1PQ

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