Sky News

– Failing England Care Homes Risk Being Shut Down

– Fallon: Britain Is Now A Eurosceptic Country. The new Defence Secretary says “we are all Eurosceptics now” signalling a tougher line on Europe as the PM travels to Brussels.

City AM

FCA hits payday loan companies with strict caps

– Paul Ormerod: Risky projects like HS2 are the only way to rescue our languishing regions 

– Kate McCann: Why Cameron thinks his tokenistic reshuffle will win him the next election 

– Jean-Claude Juncker wants to “reindustrialise” Europe as new Commission boss


Daily Telegraph

– Cameron targets women and UKIP 

– Juncker closes EU door on Scotland (also in The Times)

– Is the UK’s new man in Brussels a dark horse? ​

– I’m the heir of Delors, says Juncker

– PM clears the way to take Britain out of human rights convention 

– Michael Fallon: We will win back voters who ‘flirted with Ukip’ 

– Mary Riddell: This country desperately needs a Palmerston in the Foreign Office 


Daily Express

– Departing Ken Clarke says it is ‘unthinkable’ for UK to ditch European Human Rights laws
– Eurosceptic Hammond steps in as Hague quits & Gove is demoted in savage Cabinet reshuffle

Jeers as EU’s new boss takes job after a ‘Soviet-style’ vote incl quotes from Nigel Farage’s speech 

– Asylum cheats make £1.2m a year with fake poverty claims 


Daily Mail

– Six points for using mobile at the wheel 

– Juncker heckled as he lays out his vision for a federal Europe incl quotes from Nigel Farage’s speech

Eurosceptic at the Foreign Office (Hammond)

– Non, non, non: What our new EU man Lord Hill said about his new job

– Never set foot in UK? You can still claim legal aid, say human right judges

– Max Hastings: A shabby day’s work which Cameron will live to regret


The Times

Downing Street detox. Gove axed from education after election guru warned Cameron of negative poll findings​

– Hammond leads charge of the Eurosceptics to halt UKIP threat 

– Clarke may block EU referendum pledge 


The Guardian

– Bedroom tax has forced tenants to cut back on food 

– Surveillance bill rushed through in a day

Ken Macdonald: DRIP will fight the criminals 


The Independent

‘He hasn’t been demoted!’ (so how do you explain Gove’s £36,000 pay cut, Mr Cameron)

– Andrew Grice: Cameron’s new Cabinet of Eurosceptics will push us towards EU exit door 

– PM hopes for better luck on Brussels after Juncker setback


Financial Times

– David Cameron injects new blood to revive Conservative party

– Hammond’s appointment gives team a eurosceptic edge

– UK aims for top EU economy portfolio


Daily Events

House of Commons
– Prime Minister’s Questions.
– Europe minister David Lidington before the European Scrutiny committee.
– HMRC chief before the Public Accounts Committee. Lin Homer, Permanent Secretary and Chief Executive, HM Revenue and Customs, will be questioned about the HMRC Standard Report 2013-14.
– Sol Campbell to give lecture on diversity in parliament. The former England football captain will speak as part of the Rainbow Lecture series. Home Affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz will be chairing the session.

House of Lords

– Oral Questions. Replacing the traditional census format

– Oral Questions. National Crime Agency: operations in Northern Ireland

– Oral Questions. Value for money achieved from the sale of Royal Mail

– Extradition Law. Extradition Law – (at 10.40am) evidence will be heard from Jago Russell, Chief Executive, Fair Trials International; Jacqueline Minor, Head of Representation, London Office of the European Commission; and Professor John R Spencer, Professor of Law, University of Cambridge; and (at approximately 11.40am) from James Brokenshire MP, Minister for Immigration and Security.

– Jeremy Hunt report on hospitals in special measures. Report expected to be released under 0001 Wednesday embargo, followed by press conference at 0930

– Unemployment figures. Latest jobless figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

– 1600 BRUSSELS: European Council summit, attended by David Cameron. Arrivals at summit from 1700 Brussels time (1600 UK). Working dinner, followed by press conferences.


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