YouGov/Sun poll – CON 34%, LAB 35%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%

The Telegraph

– Nigel Farage: David Cameron’s EU benefits diatribe fools no one (By Nigel Farage)

– Migrants working in Britain claim £5 billion a year in tax credits, figures show

– Labour resurrects plans for a ‘death tax’
– Taxman seizing cash direct could wreck innocent lives, accountants warn

– Labour offers nothing on the NHS but crude caricatures

– ‘Right to be forgotten’ is unworkable, say peers

The Express

– Cameron faces furious row with Brussels after EU threat to wreck immigration crackdown

– Labour under fire as it emerges Harriet Harman ‘underpays’ her trainee

– Cameron must stand up to Brussels on handouts

The Independent

– Conservatives and Labour deny plans for flat income tax and ‘death tax’ after released recordings cause uproar

– Why Labour’s ‘cost of living’ campaign is rooted in transatlantic experience

– ‘Are you better off than four years ago?’ Labour takes inspiration from former US President Ronald Reagan

– David Cameron blames Lords row on wanting to keep William Hague in the Cabinet

– EU to examine Cameron’s migrant benefits crackdown

The Sun

– PM’s migrant clampdown a ‘flop’

– Wage slump worst since Victorian era

​- Labour outspend Tories thanks to union cash

The Guardian

– Tories keen to cut tax for rich again, says Ed Balls

– Right to be forgotten is unworkable, say peers

– Tories deny ‘flat tax’ plan

– The Lib Dems could survive in government by going back to their roots

– Ed Miliband must address questions of a different nature

– The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all

Daily Mail

– The inconvenient truth Mr Cameron ignored in his ‘crackdown’ on immigrant benefits… Migrants handed £5billion tax credits

– This Polish boy lives in Warsaw… So why do WE pay his child benefit?

– DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Why won’t Cameron come clean about immigration?


The Times

– Germans have gained most from Europe’s open borders
– All new taxis will be hybrid by 2018 in capital detox

– Labour tops funding list with income of £33m
House of Lords

– 10:30am – Room 3, Palace of Westminster Home Affairs, Health and Education (EU Sub-Committee F) Private meeting

– 10:30am – Room 2, Palace of Westminster Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy (EU Sub-Committee D) Private meeting​

– 12:00pm – Room 4, Palace of Westminster Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee E) Private meeting​


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