YouGov/Sun poll – Labour lead jumps four points to seven: CON 31%, LAB 38%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%


City AM

– City MP Mark Field slams new tax grab

– Labour friends set to splash the cash at auction 

– We won’t follow French example on takeovers, Vince Cable vows​

– Banks bite back after red tape onslaught

– British industry shocks with May slump in output


Daily Telegraph

– Britain will be able to claw back powers from Brussels, says Juncker

– There is no such thing as a right to be forgotten, warns minister

– No right to payout for ‘blighted’ homes 550 yards from HS2

– Raiding bank accounts for tax would ‘tear up Magna Carta’


Daily Express

Migrants do take our jobs incl comment from Patrick O’Flynn


Daily Mail

– Mobile ban now global. Phones must be charged on hundreds more flights

– Minister’s relative gives Tories a donation

– Now taxman could spy on year’s worth of bank statements 

– Migrants get jobs as school leavers lack even basic life skills 

– Lord Lawson: I‘ve been banned by the BBC 

The Times

Taking a £1bn Liberty. Pop stars, QCs and doctors tried to shelter millions in aggressive tax avoidance scheme 

– Political parties to check their ‘dirt books’ for abuse evidence

– Juncker’s thumbs-up ends Cameron truce

Increase MPs pay says Nigel Farage *if* we leave the EU (this will go some way to prevent the need for MPs to do second jobs etc) 

The Guardian

– Top Tory has family link with offshore banker who gave party £800,000

– Row over decision to have peer chair inquiry into abuse

– Home Secretary’s Migration Advisory Committee’s study shows immigration has little impact on low pay (also in The Independent)


The Independent

– UK accused in complicity in torture of British citizen

– Millions are unaware of flood risk to their homes, report says

– Civil servant admits Home Office ‘probably’ destroyed paedophile dossiers

– Transfer tax-raising powers to local councils, MP urge – no link available from The Independent at present – similar story here


Financial Times

– EU migrants add £22bn to public purse

– White male eurosceptics dominate Tory safe seat selections

– Juncker faces tax inquiry dilemma


The Sun

– Let English cities and regions control more of their own taxes

– Migrants to keep beating Brit flops


House of Commons

– Prime Minister’s Questions.

– Philip Hammond gives evidence to Commons Defence Committee on next defence review.
– Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling gives evidence to Commons Justice Committee.
House of Lords
– Justice minister Simon Hughes gives evidence to Lords Home Affairs Committee on “the right to be forgotten”.
– House of Lords Communications Committee takes evidence from Director of Public Prosecutions on offences committed on social media
– Energy Secretary Ed Davey gives evidence to Lords Committee.

– 0930 LONDON: Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw to give evidence to the Commons education select committee on extremism in schools. 

– 1330 LONDON: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond speech to RUSI air power conference.

– 1500 BOURNEMOUTH: Chief Executive, NHS England Simon Stevens speech to Local Government Association conference.

– 1830 LONDON: Education Reform Summit. Hosted by the Department for Education and the Education Foundation think tank. Education Secretary Michael Gove, Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt and Mayor of London among those due to speak.
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